Paper Plate Frog With Moving Tongue

Did you know there are over 5000 species of frogs? Or some frogs can jump 20 times their size or that some species like poison dart frogs are poisonous?

Frogs are fascinating animals for everyone but especially for children. They come in so many colors and have quite a few entertaining characteristics. They hop or jump everywhere. They are amphibious - meaning they can live on the land or in the water. That’s a fun ability!

Have you seen a frog eat? They have super long sticky tongues that they use to catch food such as flies or small insects. It’s quite something to watch them go about getting their belly full with just the tongue. This movement is so fast often the prey doesn't have a chance to escape. A frog's tongue can snap back into its mouth within 15/100ths of a second.

After our popular Chomp Chomp Bunny Craft, we found that frog meal time actually makes for a fun craft activity for preschool children at school, art classes or home. All you need is a paper plate and basic craft supplies and you are all set to make your very own “Eat Eat Frog Toy”. Have fun and learn too.


Paper Plate Heart Wheel

Celebrate your child's love for the family, friends and teachers by making this cute & easy heart wheel. It was fun to know about who/what our daughter loves and enshrine it forever in this wheel of hearts. For additional fun, you can use real pictures of your loved ones in the wheel.

I'm super excited to be a part of awesome 31 days of love series hosted by RedTedArt. Hop on to their website to get this craft tutorial (with free printable) and loads of other fabulous ideas.


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Paper Plate Bunny Easter Craft

April 1st is Easter day and Easter bunny time. The lore is that Easter bunny brings coloured eggs for children and acts as the judge of how obedient or disobedient they have been!

We decided to create this craft to celebrate this very popular festival while also appreciating the benefits of chewing the food well and eating healthy foods like carrots like a bunny does.


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It was fun imagining this craft and give it a carrot eating animation. Our daughter loved how cute the bunny looked and made it her new toy, which was an added bonus!

The best part is that this simple Easter bunny craft only requires a few supplies. Kids will love making their own Easter Bunny and playing with it after! It's a perfect Easter project to do with kids at school or even a fun Easter activity for home. Perfect Easter crafts for preschool and kindergarten kids.

Make this easy and cute bunny craft you can make to celebrate Easter and the wonderfulness of spring! Happy chompy chompy easter to everyone!


25+ St. Patrick's Day Crafts & Activities

If you are looking for a St. Patrick's Day theme ideas for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten classrooms, look no further. We have curated the best ideas for kids to do on St. Patrick's Day. You will find here lots of easy crafts and activities that kids of all ages will enjoy.

Whether you are looking for some easy shamrock crafts, colorful rainbow craft ideas or fun Leprechaun crafts and Leprechaun trap ideas, we have you covered.  We have also curated some fun activities like St. Patrick's Day science experiments, St. Patricks Day sensory play and St. Patrick's Day art projects. These crafts are perfect for a cozy day at home, a classroom craft projects for students, or a playdate with friends. Click on the craft's name below the pictures to get the tutorial.

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Shamrocks and St. Patrick's Day go hand in hand. So, how can you go without crafting one. Here is a cute collection of shamrock crafts for preschoolers and kindergartan kids.

Save those scrap papers to make this fun mosaic shamrock craft.

How sweet is this 3D rainbow shamrock! Love that you can add some string and hang it up for a cute decor.

Such a cute and simple way to make this colorful shamrock. All you need for this craft is strips of construction paper and some basic craft supplies.

Love how this shamrock craft is made using tissue paper. It’s a fun shamrock craft for school or home and great for fine-motor skills.

This is super cute! RedTedArt has the best bookmark craft ideas. Do checkout all the brilliant bookmarks they have.

How cool is this shamrock hat! Love that it made using just a paper plate. You know how much I love Paper Plate Crafts.


Not just St. Patrick's Day, these colorful rainbow-themed crafts and activities for kids can be done on any day of the year. Explore all seven colors of the rainbow with one of these easy rainbow crafts for kids.

Kids are always ready to make rainbow craft. This is such a wonderful rainbow craft idea from Easy Peasy & Fun. Makes a perfect craft project for preshoolers and kindergarten kids for any time of the year.


25+ Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids of All Ages

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I'm sure you must be looking for cute love-themed Valentines Day Ideas for kids to do at school and Valentine cards for kid's classmates.

We curated this lovely valentines crafts and activities list for kids to make, from simple ideas perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to more complex crafts for older kids. In fact, these are valentines crafts that anyone can make. These creative ideas for kids Valentine’s Day crafts will surely inspire kids to make gifts for all their loved ones this year.


Valentine's Day Cards, Valentines Crafts, Valentine Crafts for kids, Valentine's Day crafts, Valentine's Day Gifts that kids can make, Homemade Valentine's Day Gifts

Here you will find cute homemade valentines day gifts ideas, handmade kids valentine cards, and lots of valentine projects for school or fun valentine ideas to do at home. Most of these quick and easy valentine kids crafts can be made using items that you probably already have around the house. You will find everything from Valentine's day handprint crafts, heart crafts, animal heart crafts, homemade gift ideas, paper plate crafts, and art projects for Valentine.

So go ahead and find your next valentine craft inspiration!


Valentine's Day Cards, Valentines Crafts, Valentine Crafts for kids, Valentine's Day crafts, Valentine's Day Gifts that kids can make, Homemade Valentine's Day Gifts

1.  DIY Cactus Valentine Card Kids  

2.  DIY Unicorn Valentine Card Box

3. Messenger Pigeon Valentine

4. Paper Plate Love Birds

5. Peanut Valentines

6. Heart Elephant

7. Handprint Love Birds

8. Heart Air Balloon Valentine Card

9. Llama Valentine Craft


DIY Paper Mask Craft for Kids

Looking for New Year's Eve party ideas?
Making a mask is a fun, easy and inexpensive way for children and even adults to prepare for a party. Since New Year's Eve is so close, we decided to make these fun mask to celebrate the new year.  This DIY party mask also makes a perfect New Year's Eve craft and activities for kids to do on new year's eve.

Complete your kid's New Year's Eve attire with this super cute paper mask!

Don't forget to check our New Year's Eve Craft board on Pinterest for more awesome ideas to keep kids busy on the New Year's Eve.

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Cardstock Paper
Construction Paper
Barbed Elastic Cord


10 Best Activity Books for Winter Holidays

We are well into the holiday season. And it wont be completely false to say that a lot of the parents (especially if they have two or more children) could already be at the end of their wits. As if the hush-hush of the festive preparations isn’t exhausting enough, there are kids to engage and entertain!

I am assuming most of us have decided not to allow too much telly to steal the fun from family time. So here comes to my mind an exciting idea that might just help you enjoy that cuppa every now and then – Activity books! Well, not that exciting perhaps, but it might surprise you how long kids can engage themselves independently with simple activity books.

Here is my list of simple and diverse activity books for pre-schoolers that might be your saving grace this holiday season and beyond. Get some and let their imagination fly as you relax a bit on your sofa.

This post contains affiliate links to the products mentioned. Read our disclosure policy for more information. This is not a sponsored post.


Usborne Aliens Sticker Book

Author: Kirsteen Robson
Illustrator: Seb Burnett
Designer: Reuben Barrance

Let your child dive deep into the universe of galactic imagination gone wild. Meet aliens of all kinds – weird, wacky, slimy, robotic and what not! It is a creature fest spanning galaxies, planets and starry skies. Your child will have lots of fun sticking these odd aliens through 20+ colourful and vivid pages of this book.
Buy this book for hours of fun as your little one goes on a curious journey across the universe. My three and half year old spends his rare quiet time tuning his fine motor skills sticking and patting bright and fun stickers. After all, there are over 400 of them in this book. Grab it and you wont regret.

Play Smart Brain Boosters 4+

Author: Early childhood experts at Gakken Publishing

If your child loves puzzles and mazes, this will be a great book to invest in. It has a good mix of fun and engaging activities including picture puzzles, mazes, dot-to-dots, number games and crafts. Every page offers suggestions to parents on enhancing the kid’s skills. 

The activities get more challenging encouraging your child to develop his analytical skills in a fun way. Buy one for your pre-schooler and help them develop their reasoning, vocabulary and creativity.  

Dinosaur Activity book for kids (Ages 4-8)

Author: Activity Slayer

This book is a treat for the activity-oriented kids who love dinosaurs. It has all things dinosaur –colouring, word finding, dot-to-dot, tell the difference, etc. 

The book encourages logic and creativity through creative expression. The dinosaur patterns range in complexity and can be enjoyed by slightly older children as well.

Dot to Dot Space Travel 

This is the perfect book for your dot-to-dot crazy child, with an added advantage of space travel! A fun, engaging and educating experience with an interesting mix of dot-to-dot’s including rockets, spaceships and aliens. 

This a good book for improving concentration, hand eye coordination, drawing and number learning. 

Big Preschool Workbook (Ages 3-5)

Author: School Zone Staff

This is a colourful book with an entertaining and interesting assortment of activities including mazes, letters and numbers. With over 300 colourful exercises in bright and bold illustrations, this book encourages your child to challenge themselves as they progress through the book. 

Areas of skills include writing, colours, shapes, directions and phonics.

Wipe Clean- My Big Activity Workbook

If you are looking for a practice book you can use over and over again, this is your stop. This wipe clean book has an assortment of all-you-may-need activities – letters, numbers, counting, colours, shapes, sorting, spelling, puzzles, etc. 

It includes the basic writing exercises and also Sudoku, crosswords and mazes for a well-rounded learning. Grab one for a rough and tough learning experience.

The Never-Bored Kid Book (Ages 4-5)

Author: Evan-Moor

This a 160 pages long book full of a diverse range of exciting activities including mazes, sequencing, spot the differences, shapes, colouring, dot-to-dot and a lot of cut-and-paste. It would keep your imaginative child hooked for a while with its challenging tasks. 

It would help them develop their analytical and creative skills whilst keeping it entertaining and stimulating. You can grab one for travel and holidays and have a bit of rest as your child navigates herself though this mental adventure.


30+ Easy Winter Crafts for Kids

Looking for activities for kids for those cold winter days when you are stuck inside?

What better way to keep kids occupied than with a crafty session when it's too cold to leave the house. Our readers loved this popular 30+ Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids post and were asking for more winter crafts and activities. So, we curated this super awesome list of winter crafts for kids to make, from simple ideas perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to more complex crafts for older kids. In fact, these are winter craft ideas that anyone can make.

Most of these quick and easy winter kids crafts can be made using items that you probably already have around the house. They also make great fun for the entire family.

So go ahead and next find your next winter theme craft inspiration!


Here you will find the cutest collection of penguin crafts for kids. Perfect activities to go with penguin theme for toddlers and preschoolers at school or simply make for fun at home.

1.  Pom-pom Penguins

2. Rocking Paper Plate Penguins

3. Paper Plate Yarn Weaving Penguin

4. Footprint Penguin Craft 

5. Waddling Penguin Winter Craft for Kids

6. Pine Cone Penguin

7. Egg Carton Penguins

8. Paper Penguins

9. Cupcake Liner Penguins


New Year's Eve Paper Plate Craft for Kids

Looking for New Year's Eve crafts and activities for kids?

We have made this easy New year eve craft for kids which is special for not one but two reasons. One, to welcome the brand new year and its promises but equally importantly, to thank the current year for all the joys and experiences it brought along. This rotating paper plate craft is a fun way for kids to welcome the new year.

So, when the fireworks go off this year, remember to celebrate both the special occasions!

Thank you 2018 and Welcome 2019!


Pipe Cleaner Snowflake Craft For Kids

Looking for a simple craft to make with kids this winter season?

Here is a quick and easy winter craft that kids can make. This is a simple winter craft that can be made by toddler and preschoolers. All you need for this fun winter craft is pipe cleaner and some basic craft supplies.

What I love about this snowflake craft is that kids can freely express their imagination and come up with the most amazing and unexpected shapes for their snowflakes. This is a fun activity to with kids at home on those chilly days when you can't go out. It also makes a perfect winter kids arts and crafts project to make in the classroom too.

So go ahead and get creative with this super fun winter-themed kids craft.

If you are still looking for last-minute Christmas craft ideas, don't forget to check our popular collection of 30+ Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids and 20 Christmas Cards that kids can make.

If you love personalized gifts like me, we have curated 15+ Best Handmade Personalized Gift for you. 

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Christmas and Holiday Cards - Free Printable Coloring Cards

Guest Post by Delzin

Printable art you can color with kids is a fun art and craft project this holiday season.

Have your child color a ‘I’ve been nice’ card and stuff it in a cute Santa envelope to send off to doting grandparents or to Santa himself! Then get busy coloring a ‘happy holidays’ card, slide it into a cozy snowman envelope and send it off to friends and family!

A fun engaging activity for preschoolers, kindergarten and school kids.

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Crayons | Colored Pencils | Paint




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10 Best Heart Warming Stories for Christmas

Hey readers, Merry Christmas!

Not quite, you’ll say. But somehow, if you look around, it doesn’t feel that far away. There may be no snow on my street but strings of icicle LED’s on neighbours’ roofs lend themselves to a glowing anticipation.

It is that time of the year again- when we feel merry and fuzzy, joyfully soaking in the shimmering lights, jingling sounds and delicious smells of the festive abundance around us. The cold season of joy, love, togetherness and sharing warms up our hearts in a sublime paradox.

And that’s exactly why, we bring to you ‘10 Heart Warming Stories for Christmas’ through our collection of these uplifting, inspiring and unifying stories that will sit perfectly with your little one’s cup of hot chocolate. They may not all come from Santa’s grotto up north, but they fit every bit the warm and joyous spirit of Yuletide.

Beautifully narrated and illustrated, they are perfect presents for your toddler or pre-schooler. They stir imagination and emotion with sensitively told stories about life, relationships, self-image and family.

So, read on the snapshot, make your pick and tickle your little one’s heart with some Christmas magic!

This post contains affiliate links to the products mentioned. Read our disclosure policy for more information. This is not a sponsored post.


Secret Santa and the Twelve days of Christmas Giving

Author: Courtney Petruzzelli 
Illustrator: Melissa B. Snyder 

“It isn’t about all the gits you receive, 
It’s what you can GIVE, that’s what people believe,
The joy and the hope you will spread this season
Is what Christmas is for, the real, true reason.”

As aptly and wonderfully put, the compelling and enduring message of this classis is giving and sharing during the Christmas season. In this story, Santa invites an elite group of truly kind and compassionate kids to become a part of his ‘Secret Santa Team’ and help spread cheer to those in need. It encourages families to talk to their children about giving and experience the joy that comes along with it.

Children will love the exciting new adventures on every page. The poetic text and hand-painted, yesteryear illustrations transport you into a magical atmosphere. The key takeaway is compassion and generosity of spirit, for the festive period and beyond. Grab this gem and keep it in your treasure of precious reads for Christmas.

Elfie the Elf

Author: Cheryl DeVleeschouwer
Illustrator: Christian J Gaitan

Granny has an unforgettable bedtime story to tell her grand kids. A little lonely girl happens to meet an elf and they strike a friendship. They learn to support each other and help them follow their dreams. Set against the serene and snowy arctic backdrop, the story ticks all things Christmassy – elves, reindeers and St. Nicolas himself!

Read this intimate story for lessons in friendship and little acts ok kindness. The illustrations are warm and bright and lend themselves to emotive storytelling.

The Magic of Friendship Snow

Author and Illustrator: Andy Cann

The book explores the concept of friendship, as complex as it can be, from the eyes of young Jojo. With every one seeming to have friends around her, she feels sad and lonely. Finding a friend, making a friend and being a friend doesn’t come naturally to her. But only before she meets Puddles, the snowman made from magic snow! Eventually, she learns to be a friend.

A perfect book for young kids who struggle with loneliness and friendship, reassuring them that it can be learned and good friends will be found.

As the book says, “The discovery of a best friend is a precious gift of childhood.”

Stick Man

Author: Julia Donaldson
Illustrator: Axel Scheffler

A classic favourite with kids and parents alike, if you haven’t already got your hands on this gem from Julia Donaldson’s pen, then do grab this fantastically narrated and curiously illustrated book. It is the story you can read night after night and still love the flavour.

“Stick Man lives in the family tree, With his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three.” 

As he sets out for a morning jog one day, he gets hurtled through various misadventures that take him farther and farther from his family. Battered by his circumstances and hostile weather, he is still hopeful, kind and longing to meet his dear ones. Will he be back home by Christmas, where his family patiently await him with gifts underneath the X-mas tree? It is a heart-warming story of patience, perseverance and togetherness that will keep you hooked till the end.

Too Many Toys

Author and Illustrator: Heidi Deedman

Welcome to the world of an envious and insurmountable number of your child’s favourite friends – toys! This is a story of a girl, Lulu, who has a very special favourite teddy, Jupiter. As she grows, so does her collection of toys, until they are everywhere. However, she still loves fluffy Jupiter the best. Her shelves, toy box and even her breakfast and bedtimes have become messy and chaotic. Sensible Lulu plans ‘The Great Toy Giveaway’ for her friends one day and watches them go one by one. Until, of course, she is left with her treasured teddy.

“Jupiter, you are all I need.”

The text is well supported by its depictive illustrations, which visually spell out the narrative. Read this epitome of every child’s dream to yours and see them wonder at the idea of a house full of toys. It may be an opportunity to discuss giving away our extras, but of-course, only once the book is finished!

We are Family

Author: Patricia Hegarty
Illustrator: Ryan Wheatcroft

“Wherever we are, whatever the weather, families always stick together.”

Christmas is the time of coming together and celebrating with your family members, no matter how different they may be. Welcome to this warm book to see 10 diverse families living this lesson.

This is a lovely story celebrating the differences and looking for similarities between 10 families as they go on in their daily lives. The families represent the modern world coming from assorted backgrounds – big, small, ethnically diverse, transracially adoptive, disability, same sex, single parent etc. What resonates is how they go about living their lives ‘normally’ as they eat, play, work and holiday together. How they comfort each other and cope together in difficult times echoes with the reader.

This book is a visual treat with its vivid artwork lending continuity to the lives of the families page after page. Grab this book for its practical, modern and embracing attitude towards people and life.
As it rightly says, “…the love we feel’s the same.”

Giraffes can’t dance

Author: Giles Andreae
Illustrator: Guy Parker – Rees

This top-seller is the subtle, joyous and effective lesson in confidence, body positivity and self-esteem. It is the tale of a tall giraffe, Gerald, who has crooked knees and thin legs. He thinks he is terrible at dancing and creeps off, heartbroken, from the dance floor after he is ridiculed for his moves at the ‘Jungle Dance’ by the other animals, who present splendid and elegant dances.

But the events take a twist when he is inspired by an unlikely friend “But sometimes when you’re different, You just need a different song.” 
Eventually, he comes back with a scintillating performance that humbles his critics. He declares,“We all can dance, When we find music that we love.”

I have read this with my sons, five and three, who have loved this book for their own reasons. With rhyming text and, vivid and bold illustrations, it tiptoes its way into the journey of Gerald from shy to brave. Read it with your kids to talk about friendship, self-worth, uniqueness and overcoming peer-pressure.
A true heart-warming and soul-uplifting book for Christmas!

20 Christmas Tree Crafts For Kids

Get in the holiday spirit by making these cute and easy Christmas crafts with kids! Here you will find everything from DIY Christmas tree ideas, beautiful Christmas tree art project, lovely Christmas tree ornaments to fun Christmas tree bookmark ideas. Preschoolers, Kindergarten kids and even older kids will love making these fun Christmas tree crafts.

Christmas Crafts for Kids, Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids, Christmas Decoration Ideas, Christmas Tree Crafts for Kids, Preschool Crafts for Christmas, Homemade Christmas Ornaments, DIY Christmas Decorations

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Pom-Pom Christmas Tree Ornament

Looking for an easy Christmas tree craft to make with kids this holiday season? This Christmas tree ornament is a simple and cute Christmas craft that kids can make.  You only need pom-poms and some basic craft supplies. Kids can freely express their imagination decorating the tree using buttons, sequin, or stickers.  We have also curated 30+ Christmas Crafts for Kids and 20+ Christmas Cards for Kids.  You’ll find Christmas crafts and activities for all ages – toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten and older kids.

Christmas crafts for kids, Christmas crafts for toddlers, christmas crafts for preschoolers, christmas tree crafts, easy christmas crafts, christmas activities for kids, School projects for Christmas

Spoon Grinch Christmas Ornament

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Who doesn’t love a book by Dr. Seuss? Whether it’s Cat in The Hat, Fox in Socks, What pet should I get and so on..

Almost every parent has introduced their kids to reading using Dr. Seuss books. Books like Dr. Seuss ABC and Hop on Pop are great to introduce alphabets/basic phonics and the rhyming nature of these books make it fun to read aloud. These books have super fun and engaging illustrations. If you looking for a book for Christmas, I would strongly recommend ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’. It’s an all time Christmas classic book for kids written by Dr.Seuss on how the effects of the Christmas spirit will grow even the coldest and smallest of hearts. It has a great message encouraging kids to grow their heart by doing good things and discover the true meaning of this holiday.

My daughter loved reading this book, so we decided to make this cute and easy Grinch Ornament for Christmas. We love to recycle stuff at home for craft projects. For this recycled craft, we decided to use disposable plastic spoons we have been saving. Plastic spoons make a great craft material. Did you check our Spoon Angel Christmas Ornament and Spoon Bats we made last year?

Wish you all a very happy Grinch-mas in advance!



Pom-poms (size: 1 cm)
Construction Paper
Acrylic paint
Hot Glue
Black Maker


1. Paint the spoon with green color. It might require 2-3 coats to completely cover the spoon.

2. Cut out Grinch's eye from yellow construction paper and glue on the spoon. Make pupils using a red marker.

3. Make mouth, nose and eyebrows using a black marker.

4. Cut out the shape of Grinch's hat from red construction paper. You can also use white construction paper and color it red.

5. Outline the hat using a black marker and glue a pom-pom on the top. Fold the top part of the hat as shown below.

6. Cut out the shape of the dress from red construction paper. You can also use white construction paper and color it red.

7. Glue pom-poms on the dress and some cotton around the neck/sleeves of the dress as shown below.