Electrolysis Of Water Science Experiment

My daughter is spending time with her grandparents this summer and enjoying every bit of these precious moments. Also, when Grand-dad is a chemical engineer, how can her day go without some science fun?

It's always interesting to learn science through hands-on experiments. Therefore, our Grand-dad and Grand-daughter team is on a science experiments spree. First one in the series is 'Electrolysis of water' which was instantly decided on the dinner table when talking about water (read it the chemical composition of the water).

If you don't know already, water electrolysis is the decomposition of water into oxygen and hydrogen gas due to the passage of an electric current.


electrolysis of salt water experiment

Fireworks Salt Painting

Another blast from the past which my daughter made to welcome the new year 2019. You might have seen this salt painting fireworks with paper skyline on our Instagram or Facebook already.


Salt watercolor painting for kids. Easy firework art to celebrate New Year, Independence Day, or Diwali.

30+ Paper Plate Crafts

Paper plate is our favourite craft supply. We have compiled our best paper plate art and craft ideas in one post for your convenience.

Easy art and craft ideas for kids

We have a lot of fun and easy craft ideas for kids to make at home. Also, a lot of ideas that go well with preschool and kindergarten theme based learning. Hope you enjoy browsing through this collection of paper plate craft ideas.

Things to do with paper plates

Skyline Cardboard Tube Craft

Every time we think about a new craft idea, we first try to recycle stuff at home before heading to buy new craft supplies. If you love to recycle like us, do check out our collection of recycled crafts.

Cardboard tube rolls make great craft supplies - so versatile and easily available at home. Toilet paper roll crafts for kids are so fun and easy to make with preschool and kindergarten kids.

So, here is sharing with you a cool skyline made using cardboard tubes. We made this craft last year after our visit to the city famed for its bold architecture, Chicago. Fascinated and inspired by Chicago's majestic skyline with some iconic skyscrapers (John Hancock Center & Willis Tower), we made this skyline craft.

craft ideas using empty toilet paper rolls

Pom Pom Balloons Birthday Card

It has become a ritual for my daughter to make handmade cards for our family and friends. She loves making them and everyone cherishes the beautiful gift made by her.

She made this pom-pom balloons birthday card for her grandmom. It was her idea to make a bunch of balloons. So, building on our new love for pom-poms (If you haven't, check our cutest Handprint Dinosaur Card and Handprint Turtle Card we made using pom-poms), I suggested making the balloons using pom-poms too.

Happy birthday greeting card that kids can make.

If you're looking for simple birthday card ideas, this is just perfect handmade birthday card that kids can make with little help. We absolutely adore this card and love how they turned out

Printable Father's Day Card

Wondering when is fathers day? It's just around the corner, June 16th. My daughter is having an early father's day celebration at her school this Friday. Looks like daddy is gonna have a basketball match and get some surprises - Yay!

If you're looking for simple fathers day cards to make in a classroom with kids, check out this cute foldable father's day card from Crispy Doodles that you can download and print for the whole class. Moms, you can print it at home to surprise dad with the child's cute artwork.


4th of July Activities for Kids

Celebrate 4th of July, Independence Day in the United States of America, by making these simple 4th of July crafts for preschoolers and kindergarten kids.

Patriotic activities for kids to celebrate 4th of July holiday.

This post contains affiliate links to the products mentioned. Read our disclosure policy for more information.

Hope you enjoy browsing through our list of 4th of July activities for kids and find a craft project to do with kids on this 4th of July holiday.

Turtle Handprint Card

You're Turtley Awesome! - Cute and easy handprint craft ideas for kids.

Handprint crafts always make a lovely keepsake. Although we made this super cute father's day craft for 31 days of dad series over at fabulous RedTedArt, I think kids can make this card for mothers, grandparents, teachers, friends or other loved ones.


Easy turtle handprint art and craft for father's day.

Dinosaur Handprint Card

Dad, You're Dino-mite!

Father's day 2019 is on June 16th, so what craft are you planning to make with your preschool and kindergarten kids?

You might remember this dinosaur art we posted a few weeks ago and how much my daughter loves dinosaur. We recently watched the movie 'The Good Dinosaur' with her and she loved the cute interactions between dino and the kid.

For the love of dinosaurs, made these adorable dinosaur handprint card with my daughter to gift to her Daddysaurus. She enjoyed creating the handprint tracings and putting the googly-eyes/pom-pom spots to give it a nice personality.

Dinosaur handprint art and craft

These dinosaurs are shaped like the majestic diplodocuses & apatosaurus, which are friendly and herbivorous along with being super large. Kids love them. They are very much like Dads are for their kids - large, safe, warm and friendly.

Warli Art For Kids

Today, I have Malini sharing with us these beautiful warli painting ideas that kids can make. She is a really sweet and talented art teacher here in the bay area.

Warli art ideas for kids

Warli painting is an ancient tribal art (10th century AD) originated in Maharashtra (India). These paintings use a set of basic geometric shapes: a circle, a triangle, and a square. These shapes are symbolic of different elements of nature.

It's amazing to see how they depict their tribal life through some basic patterns. My daughter enjoyed learning these warli patterns with Malini and was proud to show off her work to everyone.