20 Mother's Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Looking for easy mother's day crafts or mother's day activities for preschool kids?

We have curated 20 easy mothers day ideas for preschoolers. You will find here lots of easy mother's day handprint crafts, flower crafts, paper plate crafts, mother's day cards, and some simple preschool mothers day gifts.

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Flowers are always a great gift for mothers, teachers and other loved ones. It gets even better when they are handmade flowers by kids. And, the awesomeness increases if the gift is a bunch of them :). Here are some really simple and beautiful flower bouquet ideas that preschool kids can make.

If you love using paper plates for crafts like me, then I'm sure you will love these adorable and simple paper plate craft ideas for mother's day.


Mother's Day Cootie Catcher

Raise your hand if you have made a cootie catcher when you were a kid. Well, I have! 🙋. They go by multiple names like a paper fortune teller or chatterbox and a couple more.

If you don't know, a cootie catcher is a form of origami paper folding game. Parts of the cootie catcher are labelled with colors or numbers for players to choose from and the inside has a message or action item for the players. Based on the number or color the player chooses, the cootie catcher needs to be adjusted.

If you're looking for a fun preschool activity for mother's day, this cootie catcher is just a perfect mothers day ideas for kids.

What I love about this activity is that kids can spell each word out loud as they open and close the cootie catch. so LOVE would mean open and close 4 times. Also, older kids can spell the color out too. There are some really sweet activities that kids can do for their mothers as they play the game.

Isn't it a wonderful way to wish Happy Mother's Day?

Cupcake Liner Butterfly Craft for Kids

Spring is in the air! The season of butterflies and flowers is here. Welcome spring by making these adorable and easy butterfly craft for kids.

Kids love butterflies and would enjoy making some of their own. These simple butterflies are made using cupcake liners and other basic craft supplies. This butterfly craft is perfect spring theme arts and crafts activity, but you can make them any time of year.

If you're looking for butterfly craft preschool kids can make, this is a simple yet beautiful butterfly project for them. This is a super cute kids project for butterfly theme arts and crafts for children.


Thank You Gift Tags - Free Printable Template

My daughter turned four last month and she was super excited to celebrate her birthday with friends at school. So, we made these thank you custom tags for the goody bags that she gave them.

I left a little section empty on the tag for my daughter to personalize these tags with her name. Love that she also added a little heart on each tag for her friends. Thought of sharing these cute custom gift tags on the blog for my readers.

If you're looking for party favor tags, you can download our free printable and details on how to make these gift labels for party favors below. Also, if you're looking for any custom designs, leave a comment below and we will try to add those custom designs to our free printables library.

12 Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Easter baskets filled with Easter eggs, candies, toys, or other gifts are a special part of Easter celebration. Kids love getting Easter basket full of goodies for them or using their basket for an egg hunt.

We have curated 12 fun and creative DIY Easter basket crafts that kids can make. These basket crafts can be made using supplies which are readily available at home or school. Each craft name is linked to detailed tutorial on how to make Easter basket craft.

Fill these baskets with candies for Easter gifts or fill them with mini eggs for a fun Easter egg hunt. They make for a beautiful Easter decoration idea too.


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Here goes our list of most adorable Easter baskets for kids.

1. Popsicle Stick Easter Basket | The Joy of Sharing

2. Bunny Basket DIY With Duct tape | Mer Mag

3. Flower Basket | The Craft Train

4. Toilet Roll Easter Basket | Easy Peasy And Fun

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5. Homemade Egg Carton Easter Basket | Fun A Day

6. Mini Easter Basket | I Heart Crafty Things

7. Tissue Paper Easter Basket | Red Ted Art

8. Carrot Basket | Kids Craft Room


Kangaroo Mother's Day Craft

Hop, hop, hop, goes the Kangaroo. Who doesn’t get wowed by their inimitable style of motion, box-fighting and the cute kid living in the mother’s pouch? Kids love Kangaroos!

A young Kangaroo is called Joey and when they are born, they are just the size of a peanut with no eyes & limbs! They live in their mother’s pouch drinking her milk as they develop their body and come out when they are a little older.

A Kangaroo mother is a doting one and takes care of as many of three multiple young ones at the same time.

Mothers are so special, right? They so lovingly carry babies in their bodies and give them the nourishment they need to develop. Even after the baby becomes bigger, a mother never stops caring and loving for their little ones.


We created this special Kangaroo Joey cute mother's day craft to celebrate motherhood. If you are looking for some cute and easy mother's day ideas, this craft makes for a fun mother appreciation card for young kids in preschool, kindergarten or early grades.

Mother-child love is the best, isn’t it? This cute mother's day paper plate craft also makes a sweet handmade mothers day gift from kids.

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We also made this 3D Flower Card , a lovely mothers day cards to make with kids. This easy and colorful mother's day card Idea is a perfect mother's day craft project for preschool and kindergarten. I love this Personalized Canvas & Easel mother's day gift that my daughter gave me on last mother's day.

24 Cute Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids

Easter is here and so are the cute bunny crafts that you can make with your preschool or kindergarten kids. With funny ears, teeth and eyes, bunnies are every kid's favourite animal. They make for a variety of teaching moments - such as chewing food properly or being happy no matter what.

Here are 24 easy and cute Easter bunny ideas you can make to celebrate Easter.  In fact, you can actually make a bunny or rabbit craft at any time of the year.

Happy crafting this Easter. Give your kids the gift of creativity.



Paper Plate Crafts are my favourite. Paper plates are such a versatile craft material and so easy to find at home. So, grab a paper plate and find a paper plate bunny craft inspiration below.

1. Paper Plate Bunny | Kids Craft Room

2. Paper Plate Bunny Eating Carrot | The Joy of Sharing

3. Paper Plate Bunny | Eighteen 25

4. Pop-up Paper Plate Bunny | Arty Crafty Kids

5. Paper Bunny | Easy Peasy and Fun

6. Bunny Holding Easter Egg | Hello Wonderful

7. Easter Bunny Wreath | I Heart Crafty Things

8. Paper Roll Bunny | One Little Project


Dinosaur Art for Kids

Dinosaurs hold a special place in children's minds. These vast and legendary creatures evoke in them a sense of awe translating into interesting pretend plays or curious questions.

We are constantly amazed by how excitedly our daughter talks about the T-rex, Diplodocus, Triceratops, and Pterodactyl.


Paper Bunny Hand Puppet

I'm so excited to share with you this cute Bunny Puppet Craft made by Delzin. This is a fun Easter craft to make with preschoolers, kindergarten or first grade students. It is also a playful activity for an animal theme lesson plan for preschool and kindergarten.

Easter, Easter Crafts, Easter Arts & Crafts, Arts & Crafts for Kids, Free Easter Printable

It also makes up for a good habit craft activity teaching young children about the importance of chewing their food properly before swallowing it. With it's funny looking face and eating animation, it's bound to evoke a bunch of laughs from your class. Happy chomping!

Busting the Tooth Fairy Myth, or Not?

The 'Tooth Fairy' pang

As my 6-year old brushed his teeth this morning, I stared into the hole in the middle and asked, “Why have your teeth been missing for so long?” He smiled his foamy mouth and quipped, “The tooth fairy just took them, you know!” Um.. as if someone was supposed to bring them back as well.

There was a slight pang of guilt in me as I had previously fed into the myth of the ‘Tooth Fairy’. Not that it is a dangerous thing; just a bit of lie! And it needs being fed with more ridiculous lies to quench the curiosity of little minds.

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