Origami Animal Bookmarks

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We have been trying easy origami projects with my daughter. You might have seen our origami cats we posted recently and the origami bunny we made for Easter.

When we saw these adorable origami bookmarks in Easy Paper Projects Book, we couldn't resist trying them. This is a new book written by one of my favourite crafters Maggy Woodley. She is the creator of the very popular craft site Red Ted Art. I'm so excited to receive her fabulous book and to tell you about it.

Easy Origami for Kids


Customizable Wall Art Print

Decorate your kid's room with this adorable wall art made with love by Crispy Doodles. The best part is that this wall art can be personalized. Yes, you can get the kid's name and hair color personalized. Isn't it cool?

This personalized wall art will be a lovely addition to any girl or boy's room. This will also make a great personalized gift for kid's birthday or any special occasions.

Easy Origami Cat

Kids love animals and also animal crafts. My daughter is always ready to make her favorite animals. Yesterday, we made a unicorn craft which I will be posting on the blog soon and it will come with a free printable goody for you - Yay!

We are introducing Origami to our daughter. Her grandmom is helping her make her favourite origami animals using this fun paper folding technique. Sometime back we made this cute Origami Bunny and here is another easy origami for kids - Origami Cat Craft.


easy origami cat step by step instructions

Since Halloween is around the corner, we made this black cat origami craft too. Isn't it adorable? If you're looking for more ideas for Halloween, do check out our 50+ Halloween Crafts for Kids.

Handmade Anniversary Card

Looking for some creative ideas for your parents wedding anniversary? Make this adorable and simple anniversary card for parents. Your parents will cherish this lovely handmade gift by you.

Anniversary cards for parents handmade

Toy Story 4 Forky Craft

Have you seen the latest Disney animation movie Toy Story 4? My daughter is super excited about the new handmade toy called "Forky" joining the toy story 4 characters gang and wanted to make one herself.

So, we started to dig in our recyclables treasure box to find a spork and could only find a purple one. Hence our purple Forky :) ..Isn't it cute?


DIY Forky Craft for Kids

Bat Craft for Kids

Here is another cute craft added to our list of paper plate crafts. Technically, we have not used a paper plate for this craft but the paper plate scrap I have been saving after all the paper plate projects we did in the past. Do you save paper scrap for future projects?

diy halloween crafts

Electrolysis Of Water Science Experiment

My daughter is spending time with her grandparents this summer and enjoying every bit of these precious moments. Also, when Grand-dad is a chemical engineer, how can her day go without some science fun?

It's always interesting to learn science through hands-on experiments. Therefore, our Grand-dad and Grand-daughter team is on a science experiments spree. First one in the series is 'Electrolysis of water' which was instantly decided on the dinner table when talking about water (read it the chemical composition of the water).

If you don't know already, water electrolysis is the decomposition of water into oxygen and hydrogen gas due to the passage of an electric current.


electrolysis of salt water experiment

Fireworks Salt Painting

Another blast from the past which my daughter made to welcome the new year 2019. You might have seen this salt painting fireworks with paper skyline on our Instagram or Facebook already.


Salt watercolor painting for kids. Easy firework art to celebrate New Year, Independence Day, or Diwali.

30+ Paper Plate Crafts

Paper plate is our favourite craft supply. We have compiled our best paper plate art and craft ideas in one post for your convenience.

Easy art and craft ideas for kids

We have a lot of fun and easy craft ideas for kids to make at home. Also, a lot of ideas that go well with preschool and kindergarten theme based learning. Hope you enjoy browsing through this collection of paper plate craft ideas.

Things to do with paper plates

Skyline Cardboard Tube Craft

Every time we think about a new craft idea, we first try to recycle stuff at home before heading to buy new craft supplies. If you love to recycle like us, do check out our collection of recycled crafts.

Cardboard tube rolls make great craft supplies - so versatile and easily available at home. Toilet paper roll crafts for kids are so fun and easy to make with preschool and kindergarten kids.

So, here is sharing with you a cool skyline made using cardboard tubes. We made this craft last year after our visit to the city famed for its bold architecture, Chicago. Fascinated and inspired by Chicago's majestic skyline with some iconic skyscrapers (John Hancock Center & Willis Tower), we made this skyline craft.

craft ideas using empty toilet paper rolls