India Flag Party Popper

India's Independence day is celebrated on August 15th as a national holiday commemorating the nation's independence.

Celebrate India's Independence day by making these super fun tri-color party popper with kids.

This party popper craft is easy to make and requires some basic supplies that you can find at home or school. Children will enjoy making their colorful party popper and then playing with it.


Handmade Rakhi For Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan, also abbreviated to Rakhi, is the Indian festival that celebrates the special relationship between a brother and sister. On this day, sisters tie a band on the wrist of their brothers as a mark of respect for the love and protection they give them while brothers give their sisters gifts as a mark of the love and affection they receive from them.

This festival is celebrated not just between siblings related by blood but also cousins and two unrelated persons that wish to treat each other as brothers - sisters. When the persons are together, they usually get-together in the morning when the sister physically ties the rakhi on the brother's wrist and applies vermilion on the brother's forehead.


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The brother gives his sister a present, and then both feed each other some yummy sweets. When they are remote, sisters send Rakhis and vermilion via mail while brothers buy their sisters a gift of their choice. It's a nice festival that re-inforces the bond between a brother and sister every year.

To celebrate Raksha Bandhan this year, we wanted to share some really clever and beautiful rakhi ideas by Malini who is an art teacher based out of San Francisco Bay Area. What's cool is that you make these rakhis with things you already have at home.

Click on the rakhi names under the pictures to watch their tutorial on Malini's youtube channel.


Paper Plate Frog With Moving Tongue

Did you know there are over 5000 species of frogs? Or some frogs can jump 20 times their size or that some species like poison dart frogs are poisonous?

Frogs are fascinating animals for everyone but especially for children. They come in so many colors and have quite a few entertaining characteristics. They hop or jump everywhere. They are amphibious - meaning they can live on the land or in the water. That’s a fun ability!

Have you seen a frog eat? They have super long sticky tongues that they use to catch food such as flies or small insects. It’s quite something to watch them go about getting their belly full with just the tongue.

This movement is so fast often the prey doesn't have a chance to escape. A frog's tongue can snap back into its mouth within 15/100ths of a second.

After our popular Chomp Chomp Bunny Craft, we found that frog meal time actually makes for a fun craft activity for preschool children at school, art classes or home.

All you need is a paper plate and basic craft supplies and you are all set to make your very own “Eat Eat Frog Toy”. Have fun and learn too.


World Cup Football Craft For Kids

Reposting for football fans watching Euro 2020 :)

It's world cup time again in 2018 and football fever is at its peak! Football is considered the ultimate game considering the global nature of its appeal and the suspense each game brings.

This was a great time to introduce our tot to this beautiful game and help her understand the game's objective, which is to score a goal on the opposite team's net.

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4th of July Activities for Kids

Celebrate 4th of July, Independence Day in the United States of America, by making these simple 4th of July crafts for preschoolers and kindergarten kids.

Patriotic activities for kids to celebrate 4th of July holiday.

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Hope you enjoy browsing through our list of 4th of July activities for kids and find a craft project to do with kids on this 4th of July holiday.


Colorful Hot Air Balloon Craft

Who doesn't like a party? Especially if it's a birthday party.

Not just cake and balloon, creative activities like a clown, face painting, & bubble lady delight the little ones.

Recently, we took our toddler to a birthday party. And, she got fascinated when a helium balloon she was holding flew out of her hand and went up up up into the sky.

Lo and behold,  her only motto thereafter in the party was to grab helium balloons and let them go up up up 😊

So here's giving her a craft air balloon that can actually fly much higher. 😉


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Cute Bugs Mosaic Art For Kids

Have you tried mosaic art? It's so mesmerizing to see how small pieces of different materials are converted into mosaic masterpieces.

Here is an easy spring project to introduce kids to mosaic art. This simple paper mosaic art is a fun way for kids to practice fine motor skills.

Simple spring theme activity for kids

Children will enjoy making these cute insects and playing with them. They can also display this lovely artwork in their room or gift it to friends and family.

We have used foam stickers for this mosaic art. If you don't have foam stickers, you can use colored pieces of paper or tissue paper for making this mosaic art.

Free template butterfly art for kids

Turtle Handprint Card

You're Turtley Awesome! - Cute and easy handprint craft ideas for kids.

Handprint crafts always make a lovely keepsake. Although we made this super cute father's day craft for 31 days of dad series over at fabulous RedTedArt, I think kids can make this card for mothers, grandparents, teachers, friends or other loved ones.


Easy turtle handprint art and craft for father's day.

Ninja Father's Day Card for Kids

My husband loves everything, Ninja. He has watched all episodes and read the manga for over 5 - 7 Japanese shounen series over the last 10 - 12 years. He says that Ninja’s are not just about fighting.

They are about self-discipline and protecting the innocent, which is a great model for kids to learn about.

So, this year on his birthday, we decided to surprise him by making a ninja card! Our daughter then wrote a lovely message inside in her own inimitable style to wish her Papa Ninja. This will make an adorable father's day craft too.


If you're looking for father's day activities to do with kids, this is a cute idea for dad's who are ninja fans. This is an easy card idea for preschoolers, kindergarten students or even toddlers and makes for a cute keepsake for father's day gift.



Saluting Real Life Heroes: Soldiers

On Memorial day today in the United States, it was the perfect time to educate my tot about the real heroes in our lives: SOLDIERS. To act beyond self for all of your nation and put your life on the line is the highest form of sacrifice and heroism.

With this craft below, we salute all soldiers living and those who have martyred all over the world.

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Dinosaur Handprint Card

Dad, You're Dino-mite!

Father's day 2021 is on June 20th, so what craft are you planning to make with your preschool and kindergarten kids?

You might remember this dinosaur art we posted a few weeks ago and how much my daughter loves dinosaur. We recently watched the movie 'The Good Dinosaur' with her and she loved the cute interactions between dino and the kid.

For the love of dinosaurs, made these adorable dinosaur handprint card with my daughter to gift to her Daddysaurus. She enjoyed creating the handprint tracings and putting the googly-eyes/pom-pom spots to give it a nice personality.

Dinosaur handprint art and craft

These dinosaurs are shaped like the majestic diplodocuses & apatosaurus, which are friendly and herbivorous along with being super large. Kids love them. They are very much like Dads are for their kids - large, safe, warm and friendly.


Father's Day Craft

Children have a special relationship with their father. While mothers are their emotional anchors, fathers are often their exploration anchors. Being around a father mostly means playtime or crazy fun activity time. All because fathers enjoy nothing else more than seeing a smile on their children's face.

So, this fathers day, we decided to craft one father-child activity special - the high toss. This is one of the most enduring moments for dads and tots. It was fun creating this craft and brought up happy memories for when our toddler was under 2 years and enjoyed soaring through the air only to land in the safe comfort of dad's arms.

So, what's your favorite dad-child activity?

Happy crafting!

Easy Father's Day Crafts


father's day crafts for preschoolers


Easy Father's Day idea for kids