Warli Art For Kids

Today, I have Malini sharing with us these beautiful warli painting ideas that kids can make. She is a really sweet and talented art teacher here in the bay area.

Warli art ideas for kids

Warli painting is an ancient tribal art (10th century AD) originated in Maharashtra (India). These paintings use a set of basic geometric shapes: a circle, a triangle, and a square. These shapes are symbolic of different elements of nature.

It's amazing to see how they depict their tribal life through some basic patterns. My daughter enjoyed learning these warli patterns with Malini and was proud to show off her work to everyone.

Heart Paper Flower Craft

As a parent of a kindergarten, preschool or daycare child, you often have opportunities to express your gratitude to their teachers for their love and care in the school. This could be more formal in the form of teacher appreciation days or casual when you feel like it. Teachers work very hard to take care of our children and they deserve our unreserved appreciation.

Easy paper flower preschool crafts

Last week was bring a flower day at our daughter's preschool, this mother-daughter duo decided to make this very lovely heart flower paper craft. We loved how easy and elegant these ended-up looking.

They were easy and quick to make and after the paper cutting something our daughter could put together on her own. She quite enjoyed putting the paper hearts and pipe cleaners together for the beautiful look. Our daughter took these to school in the morning and gave a flower to each of her teachers with a thank you hug!

Try these out and see your child's teacher feel appreciated.


Flower art and craft for preschool

This lovely flower craft also makes for an easy Mother's day craft idea or a spring theme craft project. Moms would love getting a bouquet of their kid-made colorful heart flowers.

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You Are A Perfect Pear - Wedding Anniversary and Valentine's Card

This is a cute surprise my mother-in-law gave us on our wedding anniversary this year.
Isn't it sweet?

Loved it so much that couldn't resist posting it on the blog. I love using paper plates for kids crafts. This simple paper plate craft makes a cute wedding anniversary gift and also an easy craft idea for valentine's day.


Ninja Father's Day Card for Kids

My husband loves everything, Ninja. He has watched all episodes and read the manga for over 5 - 7 Japanese shounen series over the last 10 - 12 years. He says that Ninja’s are not just about fighting. They are about self-discipline and protecting the innocent, which is a great model for kids to learn about.

So, this year on his birthday, we decided to surprise him by making a ninja card! Our daughter then wrote a lovely message inside in her own inimitable style to wish her Papa Ninja. This will make an adorable father's day craft too.


If you're looking for father's day activities to do with kids, this is a cute idea for dad's who are ninja fans. This is an easy card idea for preschoolers, kindergarten students or even toddler and makes for a cute keepsake for father's day gift.


3D Tissue Paper Heart Card

Grandparents' unconditional love and affection is the reason why children have a special bond with them.

It was that time of the year again when my daughter was eager to surprise her grandparents on their wedding anniversary. If you missed it, she made this Tree of Love for their anniversary two years ago. This year, she wanted to make a card and personalize it with a handwritten message for her grandparents. So, here we are with a lovely tissue paper heart card.

This makes a lovely DIY Mother's Day Card and Valentine's Day Card too. Such a fun process and a gorgeous end result are sure to delight the crafter and the special person receiving it.



20 Mother's Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Looking for easy mother's day crafts or mother's day activities for preschool kids?

We have curated 20 easy mothers day ideas for preschoolers. You will find here lots of easy mother's day handprint crafts, flower crafts, paper plate crafts, mother's day cards, and some simple preschool mothers day gifts.

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Flowers are always a great gift for mothers, teachers and other loved ones. It gets even better when they are handmade flowers by kids. And, the awesomeness increases if the gift is a bunch of them :). Here are some really simple and beautiful flower bouquet ideas that preschool kids can make.

If you love using paper plates for crafts like me, then I'm sure you will love these adorable and simple paper plate craft ideas for mother's day.


Mother's Day Cootie Catcher

Raise your hand if you have made a cootie catcher when you were a kid. Well, I have! 🙋. They go by multiple names like a paper fortune teller or chatterbox and a couple more.

If you don't know, a cootie catcher is a form of origami paper folding game. Parts of the cootie catcher are labelled with colors or numbers for players to choose from and the inside has a message or action item for the players. Based on the number or color the player chooses, the cootie catcher needs to be adjusted.

If you're looking for a fun preschool activity for mother's day, this cootie catcher is just a perfect mothers day ideas for kids.

What I love about this activity is that kids can spell each word out loud as they open and close the cootie catch. so LOVE would mean open and close 4 times. Also, older kids can spell the color out too. There are some really sweet activities that kids can do for their mothers as they play the game.

Isn't it a wonderful way to wish Happy Mother's Day?

Cupcake Liner Butterfly Craft for Kids

Spring is in the air! The season of butterflies and flowers is here. Welcome spring by making these adorable and easy butterfly craft for kids.

Kids love butterflies and would enjoy making some of their own. These simple butterflies are made using cupcake liners and other basic craft supplies. This butterfly craft is perfect spring theme arts and crafts activity, but you can make them any time of year.

If you're looking for butterfly craft preschool kids can make, this is a simple yet beautiful butterfly project for them. This is a super cute kids project for butterfly theme arts and crafts for children.


Thank You Gift Tags - Free Printable Template

My daughter turned four last month and she was super excited to celebrate her birthday with friends at school. So, we made these thank you custom tags for the goody bags that she gave them.

I left a little section empty on the tag for my daughter to personalize these tags with her name. Love that she also added a little heart on each tag for her friends. Thought of sharing these cute custom gift tags on the blog for my readers.

If you're looking for party favor tags, you can download our free printable and details on how to make these gift labels for party favors below. Also, if you're looking for any custom designs, leave a comment below and we will try to add those custom designs to our free printables library.

12 Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Easter baskets filled with Easter eggs, candies, toys, or other gifts are a special part of Easter celebration. Kids love getting Easter basket full of goodies for them or using their basket for an egg hunt.

We have curated 12 fun and creative DIY Easter basket crafts that kids can make. These basket crafts can be made using supplies which are readily available at home or school. Each craft name is linked to detailed tutorial on how to make Easter basket craft.

Fill these baskets with candies for Easter gifts or fill them with mini eggs for a fun Easter egg hunt. They make for a beautiful Easter decoration idea too.


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Here goes our list of most adorable Easter baskets for kids.

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