Cute Bugs Mosaic Art For Kids

Have you tried mosaic art? It's so mesmerizing to see how small pieces of different materials are converted into mosaic masterpieces.

Here is an easy spring project to introduce kids to mosaic art. This simple paper mosaic art is a fun way for kids to practice fine motor skills.

Simple spring theme activity for kids

Children will enjoy making these cute insects and playing with them. They can also display this lovely artwork in their room or gift it to friends and family.

We have used foam stickers for this mosaic art. If you don't have foam stickers, you can use colored pieces of paper or tissue paper for making this mosaic art.

Free template butterfly art for kids

Cardboard Egg Easter Crafts

Have fun-at-home with these cute Easter crafts!

Do you know that these crafts are made of cardboard eggs? Aren’t cardboard eggs a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic eggs? I found these cardboard eggs at Oriental Trading.

They are very similar to plastic ones, you can open the eggs and fill them with goodies for kids. Best part is kids can color the eggs, decorate them and have fun finding them in Easter egg hunt for special surprises.

We created these crafts as a sponsored Instagram post for Oriental Trading Company. We hope you will enjoy making these crafts with kids.

Easy Easter crafts for kids to make.


Best Activity Books for Kids

**Reposting our activity book list to help you keep kids busy at home. With these books, kids can engage themselves independently giving some much needed break and quiet time. Or get some quick errands or work completed.

These activity books will come in handy if you don't have a printer at home and can't use easy printable activities available on the Internet. All of these books are available on Amazon and you should be able to get them delivered pretty quickly. I got a few for my daughter recently.

Books to keep kids busy at home

We are well into the holiday season. And it won't be completely false to say that a lot of the parents (especially if they have two or more children) could already be at the end of their wits. As if the hush-hush of the festive preparations isn’t exhausting enough, there are kids to engage and entertain!

I am assuming most of us have decided not to allow too much telly to steal the fun from family time. So here comes to my mind an exciting idea that might just help you enjoy that cuppa every now and then – Activity books!

Well, not that exciting perhaps, but it might surprise you how long kids can engage themselves independently with simple activity books.

Here is my list of simple and diverse activity books for pre-schoolers that might be your saving grace this holiday season and beyond. Get some and let their imagination fly as you relax a bit on your sofa.

This post contains affiliate links to the products mentioned. Read our disclosure policy for more information. This is not a sponsored post.


1. Don't Let the Pigeon Finish This Activity Book!

My daughter is a big fan of Mo Willem's book and Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus is one her favorite. So when I found this activity book on Amazon, I knew my daughter is gonna love it. We got the book on this Sunday and she has been keeping herself busy with book.

2. Usborne Aliens Sticker Book

Let your child dive deep into the universe of galactic imagination gone wild. Meet aliens of all kinds – weird, wacky, slimy, robotic and what not! It is a creature fest spanning galaxies, planets and starry skies. Your child will have lots of fun sticking these odd aliens through 20+ colorful and vivid pages of this book.

Buy this book for hours of fun as your little one goes on a curious journey across the universe. My three and half year old spends his rare quiet time tuning his fine motor skills sticking and patting bright and fun stickers. After all, there are over 400 of them in this book. Grab it and you won't regret.

25 Cute Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids

Easter is here and so are the cute bunny crafts that you can make with your preschool or kindergarten kids. With funny ears, teeth and eyes, bunnies are every kid's favorite animal. They make for a variety of teaching moments - such as chewing food properly or being happy no matter what.

Here are 24 easy and cute Easter bunny ideas you can make to celebrate Easter.  In fact, you can actually make a bunny or rabbit craft at any time of the year.

Happy crafting this Easter. Give your kids the gift of creativity.



Paper Plate Crafts are my favourite. Paper plates are such a versatile craft material and so easy to find at home. So, grab a paper plate and find a paper plate bunny craft inspiration below.

1. Paper Plate Bunny| Kids Craft Room

2. Paper Plate Bunny Eating Carrot | The Joy of Sharing

3. Paper Plate Bunny | Eighteen 25

4. Pop-up Paper Plate Bunny | Arty Crafty Kids

5. Paper Bunny | Easy Peasy and Fun

6. Bunny Holding Easter Egg | Hello Wonderful

7. Easter Bunny Wreath | I Heart Crafty Things

8. Paper Roll Bunny | One Little Project

9. Woven Bunny Basket Cards | Red Ted Art

10. Paper Bunny Hand Puppet | The Joy of Sharing

Pom Pom Bunny Easter Card

Wish your friends and family a Hoppy Easter by making this cute Easter greeting card with your kids. When it's Easter time, bunnies can't be behind!

The adorable Easter bunny in this craft is sure to bring a smile to the card recipient. And, your kids will find this easy to make and decorate with their favorite colors and googly eyes.

How to make Easter bunny card?

Sponge Print Animal Alphabet Flashcards

Make teaching alphabet fun by making these cute animal flashcards for preschoolers!

Children love animals and if you can combine any kind of learning with animals, it becomes exciting for little ones.

These cute flashcards are a fun way for preschoolers to learn the alphabet. They will love printing dots using a sponge brush and then adding details to make animals for each letter of the alphabet.


Easy animal art for each letter of the the alphabet

Ice Cream Stick Crafts

Ice cream sticks or you call them popsicle sticks or wood sticks, make a great craft supply for kids. They are inexpensive and so versatile. Also, easy to use for preschool and kindergarten kids.

They are perfect for making 3D objects like our airplane craft and beautiful basket for Easter.

We love using them for making puppets. Most of our paper plate crafts have some sort of motion which is done using a popsicle stick.

Ice cream stick craft ideas for kids

Sponge Painted Four Seasons Art for Kids

Did you know art plays an important role in brain development and boosting confidence in kids?

I am excited to share this easy painting for kids from our new contributor Gunjan. She is a mom of an adorable 2-year-old boy. She was always fascinated by art since her childhood and loves to paint between all the parenting chores ;).


Fruit Basket Craft

It is so important to educate little kids about healthy food choices. Why fruits and vegetables should be an important part of their daily diet? How healthy food plays an important role in keeping us fit and healthy?

Fresh fruits contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are vital to health and help fight illness. This fruit basket activity is a fun way to talk about the importance of healthy eating for preschoolers.

healthy food craft for preschoolers

Rainbow Formation Paper Plate Craft

Here comes a rainbow!

Teach kids how rainbows are formed by making this fun and interactive paper plate craft.

Rainbows are such fascinating phenomenon for kids and adults. They are formed when sunlight hits water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky.

They paint the sky with the seven beautiful colors forming a huge arc in the sky. It is common to see rainbows whenever there is water in the air and plenty of sunlight - like for example around waterfalls or out in the open when it is rainy & sunny together.


Craft explaining how rainbows are formed.

Using this craft, you can educate kids about how rainbows are formed. Tell them about the sunlight and then about the rain and then show them that when they happen together, rainbows are born.

Children will enjoy painting their rainbows and adding eyes and mouth to it. When the craft is completed, they will have a lot of fun making their rainbow appear and disappear.