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My name is Shikha and I create crafts with my three-year-old daughter for quality bonding, learning and "away-from-screen" time. Before I decided to follow my passion for crafts, I was a product & marketing professional at bellwether tech companies for nearly ten years. After my daughter was born, I wanted to do something that allowed me to spend time with her and something I enjoyed intrinsically - and crafts just happened to be that thing. That my daughter enjoys it equally has been a great source of joy and encouragement.
In my posts, you will find educational, engaging, easy and fun crafts created by the mom and tot team. I also write about my personal experiences and learnings across travel, health, and social media. Hope you enjoy reading and find your next craft inspiration!

You can reach me at thejoysharing@gmail.com or connect with me on social media:

Hello fellow readers, I am Esha, mum of two boys, four and two years old. I have worked as a financial analyst before and am currently enjoying my role as companion to my kids- admiring their everyday feats, relishing their funny antics and entertaining them with fun games on-the-go. Discussion, negotiation, temptation and a little trickery- that's how I balance my books now!

On this beautiful journey of childhood, I plan to remember and cherish the best times spent with them. I write about the special moments in their everyday lives, developmental milestones, how they adapt to new experiences and challenges and how we extract fun from the otherwise plain routine of our lives.
And sometimes, when I feel like it, I make poetic attempts to weave together the diverse threads in the distracted-cum-curious mind of a busy mum.

So here is to the joy of sharing experiences on the journey of childhood. Do come along and join in the adventure. We are always eager to share. Happy reading!


  1. चंदनं शीतलं लोके, चन्दनादपि चन्द्रमाः चन्द्रचन्दनयोर्मध्ये शीतला साधुसंगतिः ॥
    अर्थात् : संसार में चन्दन को शीतल माना जाता है लेकिन चन्द्रमा चन्दन से भी शीतल होता है | अच्छे मित्रों का साथ चन्द्र और चन्दन दोनों की तुलना में अधिक शीतलता देने वाला होता है |

    Nice to know you Esha. friendship with you and regular chat for one hour weekly with you (because of kids) really helps my mind and feeling good to be your friend. Keep writing you both lovely moms :)

    1. Hi Hiral, many thanks for your kind words. It is a pleasure to know you, both as a thoughtful person and a creative mum. And that's why, you are at the right place!
      At our blog, 'The Joy of Sharing', Shikha and I constantly strive to bring imaginative and interesting ideas dealing with kids crafts, childhood experiences and other topics. Please keep visiting and do let us know how you like our posts. Cheers!