Heart & Arrow Valentine's Day Card

Hi, I‘m Tvisha, the 7 year old co-creator of this blog. My mom has been busy lately so I thought that I could share some of my craft ideas with you.

I made these heart & arrow Valentine cards for my classmates and teacher. It’s a simple paper craft for Valentine’s day that kids like me can make with just a tiny bit of help from the grown ups.

Now let’s get crafting!

Cardstock or Construction paper (based on what you prefer)
A Pencil (new) - to gift
Another Pencil (sharpened)
A Black Sharpie
Paper cutter
Your Creativity!

How to make the card

1. Draw a medium sized heart on your paper with the sharpened pencil.

2. Cut it out with scissors.

3. Make a border on the heart using the black sharpie (optional).

4. Write the name of the person you are giving the card to.

5. Flip the card around and write your message on the very top and your name on the very bottom

6. It’s time to color so use your creativity and color it whatever way you want but keep it neat.

7. Parents, it’s time for you to do a little work :). If you have a paper cutter, great. If you don’t, knives work as well too. So parents, your job is to put two parallel slits on the card using a paper cutter or a knife.

8. Kids, let’s come back to you now. Slide the pencil that is new into the slits.

9. Draw a triangle on the paper.wa Cut it out and color it. Tape the triangle to one end of the pencil on the card.

10. Draw the tail of the arrow as shown in the picture above. Cut it out and color it. Tape it to the other end of the pencil on the card.

Hooray! You just finished your Heart & Arrow Valentine’s Day Card. I hope you liked it and if you did, keep coming to The Joy of Sharing for more crafts.

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