25+ Free Printable Activities for Kids

These printable activities for kids are all so cute and fun. Not only are they great for a wide variety of ages, but they're also simple and perfect for creativity and imagination as well. Pull up a chair and prepare to get crafting right along with the kids. These free printable templates are too good to pass up.

If you're looking for engaging crafts that the kids are going to love, why not take a peek at the ones we've gathered for you below? Each one is different and adorable in their own unique way. From bookmarks to puppets, you and your child are certain to have a blast working down the list and creating not only fun crafts but amazing memories as well!

free activities for kids

The great part about these printable activities for kids is that once they're made, they're useful and fun decorations as well! Make room on the shelves at home to display all their hard work and fun crafts!

25 + Free Crafts & Printable Activities for Kids

It's a safe bet that once you start with one, you're going to be working your way down to the next one on the list. There's no stopping the creativity once it starts to flow.

free printable activities for kids

1. Paper Leaf Doodle Art
Did you know that doodling helps kids learn how to concentrate? This craft allows kids to use their creativity by drawing doodle art on paper leaves.

2. Printable Crowns for Mom & Kid
Adorable set of crown for mom and kids. Ready to wear your crown? (Or ready to crown the best thing that happened to you and the kids)

3. Printable Bugs Mosaic Art
Looking to introduce mosaic art to kids? This is an easy and fun project mosaic art project for kids. Grab this cute printable bugs template and get started with the tutorial.

4. Printable Christmas & Holiday Cards
Kids can surprise their loved ones by making these super cute Snowman and Santa Christmas cards.

5. Fruit Basket
This is a perfect craft to include in nutrition lesson plans for preschoolers. Kids will enjoy coloring their fruits and making their cute faces.

6. Bunny Hand Puppet
With it's funny looking face and eating animation, it's bound to evoke a bunch of laughs.

7. Mix and Match Flower Template
Have a need for some bright and colorful flowers? This free flower template will let your child mix and match the flower patterns.

8. Unicorn Mask Craft
Who wouldn't want to be a unicorn if given the chance? This unicorn mask makes that want a reality!

9. The Lorax Paper Bag Puppet
Make certain to grab the book and read along with the story while you're creating The Lorax Puppet.

10. Free Printable Paper Hexagon Kaleidocycles
Talk about a beautiful pattern and color. This kaleidocycle will really showcase their individual artwork skills.

11. Free Printable Paper Hexagon Kaleidocycles
This pup is such a cutie! Have fun with it and let them name it, too!

12. DIY Straw Rocket
With minimal supplies needed to make this craft, it's certain to "take off" and be a hit!

13. Mask Coloring Art for Kids
With mask-wearing everywhere right now, this free printable can help them process and decorate masks with ease.

14. Felt Flowers No-Sew Craft
Don't miss out on this fun no-sew craft! These felt flowers are a breeze to make and look really pretty, too.

15. Pirate Dress-Up Paper Dolls
Ahoy matey! There's no denying how cute (and not scary!) these pirate paper dolls are!

16. Princess Paper Doll Ornaments
These have to be some of the cutest printable activities for kids. While they're "technically" ornaments, they're really cute to use for imaginative play as well.

17. Frog Paper Bag Puppet
This paper bag puppet is fun and simple and certain to have the kids "hopping" with glee.

18. Unicorn Headband Craft
Let them wear their unicorn headband loud and proud! This is one free printable craft that is meant to be shown off!

19. Woodland Themed Paper Collage
When it comes to creating the perfect scene for creativity, this paper collage craft is the winner.

20. Baby Unicorn Bookmarks
You had me at baby unicorn! These bookmarks are adorable and are great to pair with the kid's daily reading time.

21. Preschool Bee Craft
Such a fun and simple preschool craft that they'll be able to do on their own.

22. Rolled Paper Snail
There's nothing pokey about this craft. It's another simple activity that the kids will enjoy.

23. DIY Paper Plane
Making this paper plane is a blast. Once complete, take it outdoors and see how far it will fly!

24. Printable Fairy Garden
Is there anything more magical than a cute little fairy garden? This free printable activity is one that the kids are going to cherish and remember.

25. Build Your Own Robot
Building your own robot is the perfect STEM activity for any time of the year.

26. Printable Roads
Do you have a child that likes to play with cars? Have them use their toy cars on this printable road!

As you can see, these free printable activities for kids are a lot of fun! With such a wide variety here for boys and girls to enjoy, they're going to have their hands active and their minds engaged for many weeks to come. Cheer them along as they create these adorable crafts because each time they do, you're going to see their confidence soar!

Which of these printable activities for kids do you think they're going to do first?

Looking for more activities for kids? Checkout our collect of crafts that you can make with just paper. We have over 50+ Paper Craft Ideas available for you. Hope you will enjoy browsing through the list and find your next craft inspiration.

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