Paper Bunny Hand Puppet

I'm so excited to share with you this cute bunny craft made by Delzin from Crispy Doodles.

This is a fun Easter craft to make with preschoolers, kindergarten or first grade students. It is also a playful activity for an animal theme lesson plan for preschool and kindergarten.

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This rabbit craft also makes up for a good habit craft activity teaching young children about the importance of chewing their food properly before swallowing it.

With it's funny looking face and eating animation, it's bound to evoke a bunch of laughs from your class.

Grab the free printable template and let's get crafting. Happy chomping!

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Bunny Template
Crayons or colored pencils
One extra A4 sized paper


1. Download the template and print it on a regular paper.

2. Color in the eyes and ears as you would like and cut out the eyes and ears.

3. Take the other plain paper and fold it vertically into thirds.

4. Fold this into half and then make two more folds making a ‘W’ shape.

5. Paste the eyes ears and teeth and color in a tongue.

6. Fold bunny's ears forward and teeth down.

That's it. Your cute bunny hand puppet is ready!

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About the Author
Delzin is an illustrator and animator who runs Crispy Doodles, an illustration studio in California. She enjoys making art for little children. To find the perfect gift for those little-loves in your life, visit her growing store on ETSY. If you’d like to be further enthralled, visit her website or connect with her on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Delzin seeks out joy and beauty in every situation. A life-long student of the Arts, she studied animation at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, California, where she happily enlivened the screen and page with delightful little productions. After becoming a mom to two spirited and soulful-little living-masterpieces, she spends her days awakening and tempering their five senses in equal proportion and running her small business. Remember to SHOP SMALL this holiday season. Small businesses are counting on you for your support and encouragement.

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