Cute Bugs Mosaic Art For Kids

Have you tried mosaic art? It's so mesmerizing to see how small pieces of different materials are converted into mosaic masterpieces.

Here is an easy spring project to introduce kids to mosaic art. This simple paper mosaic art is a fun way for kids to practice fine motor skills.

Simple spring theme activity for kids

Children will enjoy making these cute insects and playing with them. They can also display this lovely artwork in their room or gift it to friends and family.

We have used foam stickers for this mosaic art. If you don't have foam stickers, you can use colored pieces of paper or tissue paper for making this mosaic art.

Free template butterfly art for kids

You can also use our free bug template (download it under supplies) as a coloring page to keep kids busy at home. To add extra fun, cut them out and attach a stick or straw to turn them into puppets. I'm sure kids will have a lot fun playing with their cute bug puppets.

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Step 1: Start by downloading our cute bugs template. You can find link to download the template under supplies.

Step 2: Use markers to color both the templates with your choice of colors.

Step 3: Carefully cut out bugs along the dotted lines. We added dotted lines to make it easier for kids to cut and it looks neat after coloring.

Step 4: Making mosaic pieces- Cut the foam sheets of your choice of color into long strips (approximately 1 cm wide).

Note: If you don't have foam sheet, you can use colored pieces of paper or tissue paper for making this mosaic art.

Step 5: Cut the strips into small square pieces. It’s ok if these pieces are not in same size. Kids love to cut foam sheets, it’s soft and easy for them.

Step 6: Here is the super fun part for kids. Peel off sticker paper from mosaic pieces and stick it on your cute colored bugs.

To give the best mosaic art look, use the same mosaic color pieces as the bug color. For example, use red color mosaic pieces for ladybug and black color mosaic pieces for its dots.

You are all set to showoff this adorable artwork on kid's room wall :)


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