Easy Science Experiments for Kids

With the kids being home more and everyone doing a few more things inside this time of year, it's time to think outside the box and use these easy science experiments to do at home.   All of these fun activities and ideas are easy to do at home and are done using supplies that you already have in the house. This means no more running to the store for an item that caught you off guard once you started!

If you're looking for some activities that are fun and educational, you're going to love the fun and unique options below. They're all easy to do and they have great educational value with them as well!

Not only are these ideas for science project a great way to keep their minds working but they're also something that they can use and continue to be creative with, too. Fill your house with these fun science activities for kids so that you keep fostering their love for creativity and curiosity.


The kids are going to have a blast creating all these fun science experiments using everyday items you have lying around the house.

1. Electrolysis of Water

Such a fun idea to introduce electrolysis of water to young kids. Kid will totally enjoy the process and get fascinated by the water bubbles generated by electric current separating the two gases.

2. Cleaning pennies with ketchup

Teach the kids how reactions work with this cleaning pennies with ketchup activity! Such a simple and educational activity for the kids.

3. Rainbow Lemon Volcano

This Rainbow Lemon Volcano shows the kids just how fun it can be to use everyday items around the house to learn.

4. Fireworks in a Glass

Who knew that making fireworks in a glass was such a readily available activity to do at home?!

5. Teaching Kids About Tooth Decay

There are so many ways that your kids will love learning about tooth decay with this fun activity.

6. Dissolving, Expanding, and Bouncing Egg Science Experiment

Eggs are supposed to be fragile but this experiment showcases them in a whole new light!

7. Celery and Food Coloring Science Experiment

This is a fun science activity to show kids how the water travels through the celery once absorbed.

8. Rain Cloud in a Jar

Use this rain cloud in a jar to show the kids how water and rain can move using bright and fun colors.

9. Make Oobleck

Messy play is a good play and this oobleck recipe will teach the kids how to make their very own oobleck to have at home.

10. Simple Skittles Experiment

This skittles experiment is still one of the most fun and tastiest activities out there!

11. Magic Heart Activity

Let the kids learn all about the magic of the heart with this fun heart activity.

12. Crystal Science Experiment

Gather up what you need to let the kids make this fun Crystal Science Experiment.

13. Oil and Water Science Activity

This oil and water science fun is a great way to show the kids how some things just don't mix!

14. Surface Tension Steam Challenge

Can you power a boat with soap? You'll just have to put this challenge together and find out!

15. How to make a paper seed pot

Let the kids have fun creating this paper seed pot and learning all about seeds and how they grow.

16. Stone Soup Science Activity

If the kids know the book Stone Soup, they're not going to want to miss out on this Stone Soup Science Activity!

17. Growing Sugar Crystals

Helping the kids grow sugar crystals is a fun and tasty way to use science at home.

18. Hurricane Tube

This hurricane tube activity is great for hands-on learning at home.

19. Melting Ice Experiment

Use this melting ice experiment as a way to try to figure out what will make the ice melt the fastest.

20. Pizza Box Solar Oven

This DIY solar oven is such a fun idea to make at home. (and make s'mores, too!)

21. Tornado in a Jar

Show the kids how simple it can be to make a tornado right at home!

22. Charged Atoms Science Experiment

This atom experiment is a super cool way to teach the kids all about static electricity and charges.

23. Glitter Volcano

Helping the kids make their own glitter volcano is a great way to combine science and fun.

24. Unicorn Density Tower 

Use this unicorn activity to teach the kids about the densities of water.

25. Ice Lantern

This STEAM activity will help to teach the kids all about the various states of water.

26. Building Bridges Experiment

See how strong the kids can make their bridges with this fun stem activity!

See how fun these are going to be?! You can easily plan one of these cool science experiments that kids can do at home per week and let them have a blast creating something new! They'll love using this hands-on learning approach to learn even more great STEAM skills. 

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