Fruit Basket Craft

It is so important to educate little kids about healthy food choices. Why fruits and vegetables should be an important part of their daily diet? How healthy food plays an important role in keeping us fit and healthy?

Fresh fruits contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are vital to health and help fight illness. This fruit basket activity is a fun way to talk about the importance of healthy eating for preschoolers.

healthy food craft for preschoolers

This is a perfect craft to include in nutrition lesson plans for preschoolers. Kids will enjoy coloring their fruits and making their cute faces.

They will work on scissor skills and fine motor skills while cutting and gluing everything together to make their fruit basket.

healthy eating habits project

Once the basket is ready, they can use it for hours of pretend play. For extra fun, add velcro stickers to the fruits instead of gluing them on the basket so that kids can remove and add fruits to their basket.

They can pretend to pick and eat fruits from their basket or share with friends. Or even start a pretend fruit shop :) Grab our handy and free printable template to do this easy activity in your classroom.

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Fruits and basket template
Color Markers
Color Pencils (optional)
Glue Stick
Googly eyes (optional)
Brown Pipe cleaner
Hot Glue


Step 1: Start by downloading our fruits and basket template.

Step 2: Color both the templates with your choice of colors. We have used markers for fruits and color pencils for the basket.

Step 3: Carefully cut out fruits and basket along the dotted lines. We added dotted lines to make it easier for kids to cut and it looks neat after coloring.

Step 4: To add some cuteness to our fruits, we glued googly eyes and make a smiley mouth for each fruit. You can skip this step if you want.

Step 5: Arrange all the fruits in the basket and glue them.

Step 6: Take a pipe cleaner and make a spiral shape by folding it in a circular motion at one end. Hot glue this spiral shape in the middle of the basket.

Step 7: Hot glue the other end of pipe cleaner to the back of the basket.

That's all! Your cute fruit basket is ready!

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  1. I have not received a copy of the fruit basket template though I have subscribed.

    1. Hi Rohini, I have added link to download the template under Supplies in the post here. Hope you have fun making the craft.