Holi Bonfire Card

Holi is a popular festival in India. It celebrates the end of the winter season and the arrival of spring.

Holika Dahan (Bonfire) is an important ritual associated with the Holi festival. Holika Dahan or the lighting of the bonfire takes place on the eve of Holi. People gather and perform religious rituals in front of the bonfire.

According to Hindu mythology, Holi celebrates the killing of Holika (sister of the demon king Hiranyakashipu) by god Vishnu in order to save his devotee Prahlad. And, Holi gets its name from Holika.

To educate my daughter about this ritual, we made this cute bonfire craft for kids.

If you're looking for Holi celebration ideas for preschool, this craft is a perfect Holi activity for preschool children combined with the story of Holi.

Children can personalize their handmade Holi card and gift it to friends and family.

To welcome this year's Holi festival, we also made a super easy yet colorful handprint Holi card and here is our Holi pichkari craft from last year.

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Cardstock Paper
Tissue Papers (Yellow, Orange, Red)
Brown Pipe Cleaner
Black Marker


1. Cut an A4 size white cardstock paper into half and fold it from the middle.

2. Trace the outline of the flame on one side.

3. To make the tissue paper flame, cut out roughly 1x1 inch square pieces of tissue papers. We used the precut tissue paper squares from Oriental trading.

4. Take a square piece of tissue paper and scrunch it on the flat end of the pencil.

5. Apply a small dab of glue on the flat end of the pencil covered with tissue paper. Carefully place the tissue paper inside the flame and taking the pencil out.

6. Repeat steps 4-5 until the tissue paper flame shape is nicely filled with tissue papers.

You can check our Tissue Paper Heart Card for pictures of these steps.

7. Cut out four pieces of brown pipe cleaner to make the wood logs.

8. Glue them on the card as shown in the picture.

9. Personalize the card with Holi greetings.

That's all! Isn't it a simple and cute craft for Holi? If you give it a try, do tag us Instagram or Facebook - would love to see!

Have fun and colorful Holi!


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