Warli Art For Kids

Today, I have Malini sharing with us these beautiful warli painting ideas that kids can make. She is a really sweet and talented art teacher here in the bay area.

Warli art ideas for kids

Warli painting is an ancient tribal art (10th century AD) that originated in Maharashtra (India). These paintings use a set of basic geometric shapes: a circle, a triangle, and a square. These shapes are symbolic of different elements of nature.

It's amazing to see how they depict their tribal life through some basic patterns. My daughter enjoyed learning these warli patterns with Malini and was proud to show off her work to everyone.

Teaching warli drawing to kids

Warli painting is simple, yet stylish. The simple geometric patterns make it a great art form for kids to master. I remember making warli designs with my mother on the walls on Diwali and other special occasions.

Simple warli designs

If you're looking to introduce tribal art forms to kids, warli art is great to start with.

I would strongly recommend Malini if you're looking for art classes for kids this summer. You can learn more about her and her classes at the bottom of the post. I have also included some of the other artworks that she has created with kids.

warli painting ideas

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Traditionally, the warli painting was done with white color (which was made of rice paste + gum) on a red ochre background using a bamboo stick as a paintbrush.

Here is the list of supplies we used for these warli wall art.

Acrylic Paint
Brush Tip Markers (You can use regular tip markers as well)
Paint Brush


1. Paint a canvas in black or red ochre colour and let it dry.

2. To make a simple warli stick figure, start with making 'X' shape and join the edges on both ends.

3. Add a small line to make the neck and make a circle for the head.

4. Finally, add stick hands and legs. Once the child masters the basic pattern, you can teach them to add details for more intricate warli patterns.

5. Fill the figurine with colors. We have used one color but you can make your warli patterns colorful too.

Isn't it a simple and beautiful art technique? It makes for lovely wall art for your kid's room or a handmade gift by kids for the loved ones.

Warli art tutorial

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About the Author
Malini is based in San Jose, California. She is an award-winning artist of varied interests - from making creative handicrafts, to canvas paintings, wooden creations, Tanjore paintings, glass paintings, clay work, fabric painting and candle making. Malini is a prolific creator but also takes pride in sharing her knowledge by teaching students who come to her from all over the world.

Malini was always fascinated by arts since her childhood. When she was young, she used to recycle old items in her house to make something useful out of them. After doing her Bachelors in Science, an interest and flair for arts led her to pursue a master's degree in fine arts. She continued expanding her knowledge by completing short term courses in interior decoration, fashion designing, arts & crafts and textile designing.

Check out her Facebook page for more inspirations. You can also reach her at malinipsrivastava@gmail.com 

Here are some of her student's work:

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