Dinosaur Art for Kids

Dinosaurs hold a special place in children's minds. These vast and legendary creatures evoke in them a sense of awe translating into interesting pretend plays or curious questions.

We are constantly amazed by how excitedly our daughter talks about the T-rex, Diplodocus, Triceratops, and Pterodactyl.

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So, when I came upon the Stencil Revolution page and saw their dinosaur stencil, I thought it would be a fun painting activity for her. Stencils make for easy yet accurate painting exercises for young children that they can do without much supervision. They can learn how shapes are created and how different colours can be used for different objects.

What's great, is that after they are done, the final product looks nice enough that it can make for a great decoration piece for their room or in the classroom.

So when you need something easy and good looking, stencils can make for great aids.

Enjoy Dinosauring!



Dinosaurs Stencil
Canvas (8" x 8")
Acrylic Paints
Foam Brush
Masking Tape


1. Place the dinosaur stencil on the canvas and hold it in place using masking tape.

2. Take little paint on the foam brush and start filling in the stencil gently. Please note that taking too much paint at once or going too hard with the brush might bleed the artwork.

3. Make sure the entire dinosaur pattern is covered with color. Once done, reveal the cute dinosaur silhouette by carefully removing the stencil.

4. Allow the paint to dry for sometime before starting with next dinosaur.

5. Repeat the same process for other dinosaurs.

And your kid's beautiful artwork is ready! Each dinosaur depicted on the stencil shows incredible details, including claws, teeth, tails, and even wings and horns. Love that they are super simple to use for kids and are available in multiple sizes to select the right one for the project. Don't forget to check out all fun stencil ideas for kids on Stencil Revolution's website.

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