20 Chinese New Year Crafts for Kids

It's hard to believe that a new year is already here! The good news is that there are so many Chinese New Year Crafts that you and the kids can easily create. All of these fun lunar activities are going to focus on the Chinese New Year and get the kids ready to be creative and active as well. What better way to celebrate than with a night full of crafting fun?

If you're looking for some simple crafts that are festive and fun, you're going to love these easy craft options listed below. Each one is unique and different from one another and so much fun to make!

Not only can you use these crafts to talk to your child about the Chinese New Year celebration, but you can even use some of these as your own fun home decor as well! Holiday decorations are always better when they're made with love.

Kid's activties for Chinese New Year

20 Chinese New Year’s Crafts the kids are going to love

These crafts are all unique and full of learning fun. The kids will not only be able to create their own unique craft, but they'll be able to use their senses and work on their fine motor skills as well.

1. Year of the Ox Printable Headband

With Chinese New Year 2021 being the "Year of the Ox", having the kids make this Ox Printable Headband is the perfect accessory to any Chinese New Craft party or gathering.

2. Fun Dragon Corner Bookmark

Kick off the celebration with this super fun dragon bookmark activity. It's a great way to let the kids making something fun that they're actually going to be able to use as well!

3. Cupcake Liner Dragon Crafts

Who knew that you'd be able to create an awesome dragon craft using cupcake liners? What a fun way to use what you have at home!

4. Chinese Firecrackers

What a way to bring in the fun! These Chinese Firecrackers are not only beautiful but quite easy to make, too. Every celebration needs this!

5. Chinese Dragon Puppet

There is always room for more puppets! This simple Chinese Dragon Puppet is perfect and so much fun to make.

6. Chinese New Year’s Rattle Drums

Let the kids bang on the drum all day by having them make their very own Chinese New Year’s Drum.

7. DIY Chinese Fan

Not only is this Chinese Fan fun to make but it's also useful, too! This is one simple craft that the kids can use all year long.

8. Chinese Dragon Craft for Kids

Every kid loves a mask and being able to make and create their own is part of the fun. These Dragon Masks are a great way to let them dress up and be creative for the new year.

9. Chinese New Year Banner

Hanging up a homemade banner to ring in the new year is a lot of fun and looks great as well!

10. Recycled Dancing Dragon Puppet

This Dancing Dragon Puppet is made up of items that you probably have just lying around the house!

11. DIY Lucky Red Envelopes

Gifting during the Chinese New Year is always fun and these DIY Lucky Red Envelopes make it even better! Just make and hand out with a few goodies tucked inside.

12. Chinese Dragon Puppets

Puppet shows are so much fun and when the kids can use their very own Chinese Dragon Puppets it just makes it that much better.

13. Paper Fortune Cookies

These are just the cutest! Making these paper fortune cookies is a fun way to pass the time and celebrate, too.

14. Recycled TP Roll Chinese Lanterns

If you have some leftover toilet paper rolls, you can easily make these fun and colorful Chinese Lanterns.

15. Paper Dragon Hand Puppets

If you have 10 minutes of time, you have time to make up these Paper Dragon Puppets!

16. Chinese Lantern Suncatcher

All you need are four simple supplies to make this simple suncatcher craft. It really is quite stunning!

17. Paper Plate Dragon

We love paper plate crafts in our house, and you can easily join in on the fun with this Paper Plate Dragon.

18. Chinese New Year Mason Jar Lanterns

These Mason Jar Lanterns are great for lighting up the night. They make for a super fun home decor as well.

19. Chinese New Year Bingo

What better way to have a family fun activity than with this free printable Chinese New Year’s Bingo? You can turn this into a fun craft activity by creating the Bingo markers that you'll be using for the game!

20. Chinese New Year Shaker

Make some noise with these fun New Year Shakers! Great for little hands to shake and hold on to!

As you can see, all of these Chinese New Year Crafts and Activities are all just a tad bit different from one another but still focus on fun-themed crafts and ideas. These are perfect for kids and families to do together to get excited about this fun celebration!

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