Stealthy Ninja on the Prowl

My husband is a big fan of Japanese manga series whether it is Naruto, One piece, Bleach, Dragon ball or Hunter x Hunter. He got hooked on to manga in 2005 and has never missed a chapter since. What's more he is so crazy that he watches the anime after reading the manga as well! I am guessing he is just a sucker for stories of valor and battles, which are abundant in Japanese manga.

Therefore, my dear daughter decided to surprise him with this cute little ninja warrior craft. She calls it Papa's Ninja :)

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Paper roll tube (1)
Straw (1)
Red tissue paper
White paper
Jute twine or any thick thread
Paper cutter
Preschool scissor
Glue stick
Black sketch pen
Black acrylic/water color (if you don't have black color straw and twine)
Paint brush (if you don't have black color straw and twine)


1. Start with coloring the straw (~10cm) and twine (~25cm) black, if you don't have them black. Let them dry while you are working on rest of the craft with your kid.

2. Cut red tissue paper of size 15cmx15cm to cover the paper roll tube.

3. In the center of the tissue paper, trace and cut a right trapezoid of height ~ 4cm and the bases of ~1.5cm and ~1cm  as shown in the picture.

4. Cover the paper roll tube with red tissue paper such that the trapezoid is roughly 2cm away from the top end of the tube.

5. Cut the shapes for eyes (0.7cm diameter) and eyebrows (1cmx0.2cm) from white paper. Color them black using sketch pen. (We used round sticker for eyes as they are easy for kids to work with)

6. Glue the eyes and eyebrows to the tube as shown in the picture.

7. Tie the twine around the tube roughly 6cm away from the top end of the tube making a nice belt for the Ninja.

8. Insert the straw at an angle in the belt. It might get a few scratches if you colored the straw black and require a little touch up.

And the Ninja is ready to be displayed on your shelf.

Enjoy Crafting!


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