Cardboard Tube Elephant Craft

My daughter's "new favorite" friend is her elephant (stuffed toy) and she calls him Dumbo. Her crafting skills are always at work these days. She decorates the elephant with stickers and also makes a ponytail just like mamma does for her. Funnily, she does it by tying the two big ears with a hair tie or by simply putting a hair tie on the head!

Her love for elephant gave us an idea to create this cute little buddy. This is an easy project to upcycle used paper roll tube and also teaches kids the importance of three R's "reduce, reuse, and recycle".


  • Paper roll tube
  • White drawing paper
  • Orange tissue paper
  • Colorful printed tissue paper
  • Green sticker for eyes (optional)
  • Preschool scissor
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil


1. First draw & cut the required shapes for ears, feet, eyes and trunk on a white drawing paper. Trace and cut the same shape on the colorful printed tissue paper.

Tip: I save used sticker liner to use them again in my kid's craft. We used two round liners for eyes in this craft. It gives a neat and easy look for eyes.

2. Next, glue the printed tissue paper cutouts on the respective white paper cutouts forming colorful ears, feet and trunk.

Note: You can skip tracing the shapes on printed tissue paper and gluing them if you have nice printed drawing sheet.

3. Cover the paper roll tube with orange tissue paper and see how it lends a nice glossy effect to the craft.

4. Make eyeballs using small green stickers on white paper cutting. If you want, you can use black sketch pen or any other color sticker to make eyeballs.

5. Glue ears, feet, trunk and eyes to the tube as shown in the pictures above.

And, it's all set to add another star to your kid's collection. Happy crafting!

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  1. Hi I love this elephant craft. May I please have the templates for the ears, trunk and the feet . thank you