Cute little butterflies of love!

Peekaboo is a universally loved mini-act for kids. On similar lines, opening up your hands to unveil a lots of chocolates, treats or m&m is something that makes their eyes go wide. However, this time it was my husband's time to go wide-eyed. The mom & tot team created this impression of lots of tiny colorful butterflies emerging from the hands of our lil tot's hand impression.

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It was the perfect way for our tot to wish us on our fifth wedding anniversary. By showering her love on us with open hands.

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  • Farfalle/Bow-tie pasta (10 pieces)
  • White drawing sheet (10"x10")
  • Acrylic colors
  • Paint brush 
  • Black sketch pen
  • Glue
  • Shadow frame (optional)


1. Start with coloring the pasta with different colors. Let them dry for a few minutes. Let your kid pick the colors for the craft. This will encourage them to work on the craft.

2. Impress your kid's palm with the color of your choice as shown in the above picture. We used normal acrylic color and washed my tot's hand immediately after. You can use kids friendly colors if you like.

3. Once your pasta pieces are dried, decorate them with acrylic colors. Cotton bud, skewer, and pen cap are some good props to use for this.

4. After your pasta pieces are completely dried, glue them to the white sheet which has your kid's palm impression, giving a nice effect of butterfly flying out of your kid's hand. Let them dry for a few hours.

5. After the pasta pieces have stuck nicely on the sheet, make butterfly antennas using black sketch pen.

6. Frame it in a shadow frame to showcase this 3D wall art in your home.

Have fun crafting!

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