Cardboard Tube Butterfly Craft

New fun addition to my tot's crafts collection is this colorful butterfly.

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Cardboard tube (body)
Blue tissue paper (body)
White drawing sheet (wings)
Colorful printed tissue paper (wings)
Wiggle Eyes
One spaghetti string (antennas)
Black sketch pen
Preschool scissor
Glue stick
Black Pen

1. First draw & cut the required shapes for wings on a white drawing sheet. Trace and cut the same shape on the colorful printed tissue paper.

2. Glue the printed tissue paper on the white sheet forming stiff and colorful wings.

Note: if you have nice printed drawing sheet, you can skip tissue paper.

3. Cover the paper roll tube with blue tissue paper and see how it lends a nice glossy effect to the craft.

4. Take spaghetti string and break 2 pieces of approximately 2 inches. Color the pieces black and let them dry for some time.

5. Glue wiggle eyes and draw mouth with a black pen.

6. Finally, glue wings and antennas to the tube.

Enjoy this beautiful craft with your kids.

Happy Crafting!

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