Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd to increase awareness about Environment issues like climate change and global warming. We have curated some simple and easy to do classroom activities for Earth day. Most use simple supplies that make these crafts easy to do for a wide variety of ages.

If you're looking for fun Earth Day activities for kids, don't miss out on these cute craft ideas. They're perfect for imagination, creativity, and using fine motor skills, too.

Not only are these Earth Day crafts great for kids to celebrate the beauty of our Earth but it's a fun and simple way to make some cute Earth Day DIY decor at home.

20+ Earth Day Crafts that kids can make at home or school

Give the kids the supplies that they need and let them start creating! They'll love coming up with this fun and simple Earth Day crafts!

1. Newspaper Flower Craft

Recycle newspaper into this this lovely flower craft and talk about the importance of 3Rs - recycle, reuse and reduce.

2. Earth Day Black Glue Art

Celebrate Earth day by making this stunning black glue art. You can also find free earth printable template to create the earth shape in this craft on Messy Little Monster's website.

3. Earth Day Bookmark

These Earth day boomarks are adorable! RedTedArt has two versions of this bookmark - little “heart” Planet Earth and a “Heal the World” version for kids to get creative.

4. Earth Day Painted Rocks

Go on a nature hunt and collect some rocks to make these fun rock painting for Earth day.

5. Yarn Earth Kids Activity

Who knew that yarn could be shaped to look like the Earth? This simple Yarn Earth activity is a lot of creative fun.

6. Earth Day Hat

This free printable Earth Day Hat is too cute to pass up! The kids will love making their own hats and being able to color them first!

7. Earth Day Flower

Don't miss out on these beautiful Earth Day Flowers! Such a fun way to use the Earth in the middle of a flower.

8. Earth Day Necklace with Salt Dough

Not only does this Earth Day necklace come together quite easily but it's also a super cute gift idea, too!

9. 3D Earth Craft

Give the kids the fun crafting idea to create this simple 3D Earth!

10. Cute Earth Paper Craft

There is no doubt that this cute Earth craft is going to bring a smile to your face!

11. Torn Paper Earth Day Craft

Save paper scraps to make this cute torn paper craft for Earth day. Kids will enjoy tearing paper to make this craft while working on their fine motor skills skills.

12. Coding Recycling Sorting Activity

This fun Coding Recycling Activity will actually teach the kids how to use coding while being creative.

13. Kids Pulp Paper Balls

Don't miss out on these Pulp Paper Balls! Fun to make and a great way to plant seeds in the ground.

14. Printable Earth Day Hats Craft

You can never have too many cute and colorful hats! These fun Earth Day hats are adorable and fun to wear.

15. Paper Quilled Earth

This Paper Quilled Earth craft is really unique and makes a beautiful work of art.

16. Watercolor Planet

Make this beautiful watercolor planet! A simple art activity for the kids to create and hang up to show off.

17. Earth Day Paint Pour Craft

The kids are going to love this creative paint and pour Earth craft. The bright and varying colors are beautiful.

18. Paper Mache Panet Earth

This large DIY paper mache Earthis an awesome art project for Earth day.

19. Earth Day Playdough

Earth Day Playdough is great for sensory play and is a fun and interactive way to make the shape of the Earth.

20. Unicorn Planter with Earth Day Template

Don't miss out on this Unicorn Planter with Earth Day Template. It's a cute planter idea that the kids will love taking care of.

21. How the Earth Rotates craft

What better chance to celebrate Earth Day than to learn how the Earth rotates?

These Earth Day crafts and activities are going to be so much fun! Talk to the kid about the importance of Earth Day and then work through this list of crafts. They'll love using these crafts as a way to learn about Earth Day.

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