Rainbow Formation Paper Plate Craft

Here comes a rainbow!

Teach kids how rainbows are formed by making this fun and interactive paper plate craft.

Rainbows are such fascinating phenomenon for kids and adults. They are formed when sunlight hits water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky.

They paint the sky with the seven beautiful colors forming a huge arc in the sky. It is common to see rainbows whenever there is water in the air and plenty of sunlight - like for example around waterfalls or out in the open when it is rainy & sunny together.


Craft explaining how rainbows are formed.

Using this craft, you can educate kids about how rainbows are formed. Tell them about the sunlight and then about the rain and then show them that when they happen together, rainbows are born.

Children will enjoy painting their rainbows and adding eyes and mouth to it. When the craft is completed, they will have a lot of fun making their rainbow appear and disappear.

Fun craft to talk about rainbow formation

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Paper Plate
Color Markers
Sticker Eyes
Popsicle Stick
Safety Cutter


Step 1: Take a plain white paper plate and make clouds using a blue marker.

Making the cloud for rainbow craft

Step 2: To make the sun, cut out a circle (~1.75 inches diameter) from yellow paper and glue on the plate as shown. We used a playdoh box to trace our circle. Make the sun rays using a black marker.

Drawing the sun for rainbow craft

Step 3: Make the raindrops using black color and rays coming from the sun using yellow color.

Rain and cun together makes a rainbow

Step 4: Make an arc shape on white cardstock paper. We used a paper glass (~3.75 inches diameter) to make our arc but you can any round object to trace an arc.

Rainbow Arc

Step 5: Start coloring the arc with rainbow colors.

Draw rainbow using markers

Step 6: After you're done with coloring, cut out the rainbow shape. Add googly eye stickers and make a smile using a black marker.

Making a fun rainbow

Step 7: Attach a popsicle stick to your rainbow.

Step 8: Carefully make a cut along the top part of the big cloud shape. Make sure the cut is big enough for the rainbow to move comfortably through it.

Step 9: Insert the rainbow with the stick through the cut.

Tada - Your fun rainbow craft is ready!

I hope you enjoy making this craft with kids and watch kids play peekaboo with their rainbows :) Do tag us on Instagram if you give it a try - would love to see.

Easy craft activity to explain rainbow science

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