15 Fun Indoor Sports Games for Kids

It is essential for children to have regular physical activity for their well-being. As a parent, we are always looking for ways to keep our kids active and away from the screen. With pandemic and now winters, outdoor play for kids is even more restricted.

We have been trying out creative ways to keep our daughter motivated and engaged in physical activity at home. We turned our dinning table into a ping pong table, got a basketball hoop mounted on the door and have a washi tape hopscotch in the hallway to name a few.

While looking for more ideas, we came across these indoor sports to encourage kids to stay active while having fun at home. Thought of sharing with everyone to help you find play ideas for your child. What I love about these games is that they’re a great way for kids to try hands on a new sport as well.

These games will also come in handy to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day. And, If you’re still looking for Christmas gifts for kids, these are some really awesome gift ideas to help kids up and moving this holiday season.

Indoor Sports Games

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1. Indoor Soccer

This is a fun indoor soccer for kids from Franklin Sports Kids Mini Soccer goal set which includes a soccer net and a mini soccer ball. The kids can learn to play soccer on this and it is easily portable hence making it both indoor as well as outdoor. The best thing about it is whenever the soccer ball deflates you can always inflate it with the inflation pump provided with it.

2. Mini Basketball Hoop

Bring your basketball indoors with SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop. You can mount on wall or use foam padded slide-on door mounts. This was a fun addition for my daughter and us to stay active during lockdown.

3. Indoor Hockey

Franklin sports kids folding hockey 2 goal set is perfect sport for your kids to lay their hands upon for the first time. All you have to do is to assemble the hockey goals and just start taking shots with the vibrantly colored hockey sticks into the goals. Isn’t it simple?

4. Backyard Golf

GoSports BattleChip backyard golf cornhole game is rather an integrated version of golf and cornhole that is easy learn and fun for the kids. Just pick up any thing you might feel can be used as your club and start hitting the 16 vibrantly coloured foam balls.

Ending the game, you might ask your young one to put it all in the carry case provided with it so they don’t disperse here and there in your house.

5. Portable Table Tennis

Turn your dinning table into a ping pong table with Franklin Sports Table Tennis to-Go. This sport is great for mind-body stimulation which is beneficial for a child in their growth years. It also improves the hand and eye coordination of the child as well.

6. Punching Bag

Coming up next is the Whoobli Punching Bag with boxing gloves. The set arrives a pump to inflate the bag whenever you want and the child never ceases to enjoy this absolutely perfect game that takes a solid punch.

7. Gymnastics Bar

Safly Fun Gymnastics Bar for Kids is a durable gymnastics bar that can be adjusted to the height of your child. It’s foldable and easy to assemble. It allows your kid to develop interest in gymnastics, which is important from a younger age as it targets all muscle groups to strengthen the body and improve the flexibility of the young one.

8. Balance Stepping Stones

National Geographic balanace stepping stones is another fun game to help develop balance and coordination. The set comes with durable and soft lightweight stones, that helps the kids with positive development. You can create obstacles with these stones for the kids, which they will have to cross by applying their brains and maintaining the body posture and balance.

9. Indoor Archery Set

GoBroBrand Bow and Arrow light Up Set for Kids comes with suction cup arrows that are safe for children. This a fun way to introduce kids to traditional sports of archery.

10. Baseball Pitching Machine

Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine is height adjustable making it a great option for growing athletes. It’s perfect way for kids to continue improving their game as they practice at home.

11. Ring Toss Game

Elite Sportz ring toss yard game is a fun game for kids as well as adults. Great for improving child's hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills. Easy portability makes it suitable to play outside as well as inside.

12. Monkey Bars Climbing Tower

Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower is a game that children will enjoy endlessly. It is durable and portable and makes the child use his mind to come out of the grid once they are all inside. It is a healthy, physical mind activity for the kids.

13. Pogo Jumper

Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids Fun comes in many vibrant colours and is hours of healthy fun. It helps the kids to maintain their hand-eye coordination and improves their motor skills. Jumping also puts a good kind of stress on the bones of the children that helps their bones to be stronger.

14. T-ball set

This little tikes t-ball set comes with an easily adjustable and portable T shaped stand this can be a perfect gift if you are searching for something that could be played inside as well as outside.

15. Indoor Play Slide

Little Tikes Go Green Indoor Jr. Play Slide is made of recycled plastic and are compact and lightweight. They are a great way for gross the motor skills of growing kids. It is easy to assemble and its perfectly foldable nature makes them an easy to store product.

Best Indoor Sport Games for Kids

Hope you enjoyed browsing through this list and found ideas to keep kids active at home.

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