10 Best Activity Books for Winter Holidays

We are well into the holiday season. And it won't be completely false to say that a lot of the parents (especially if they have two or more children) could already be at the end of their wits. As if the hush-hush of the festive preparations isn’t exhausting enough, there are kids to engage and entertain!

I am assuming most of us have decided not to allow too much telly to steal the fun from family time. So here comes to my mind an exciting idea that might just help you enjoy that cuppa every now and then – Activity books!

Well, not that exciting perhaps, but it might surprise you how long kids can engage themselves independently with simple activity books.

Here is my list of simple and diverse activity books for pre-schoolers that might be your saving grace this holiday season and beyond. Get some and let their imagination fly as you relax a bit on your sofa.

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1. Usborne Aliens Sticker Book

Author: Kirsteen Robson
Illustrator: Seb Burnett
Designer: Reuben Barrance

Let your child dive deep into the universe of galactic imagination gone wild. Meet aliens of all kinds – weird, wacky, slimy, robotic and what not! It is a creature fest spanning galaxies, planets and starry skies. Your child will have lots of fun sticking these odd aliens through 20+ colorful and vivid pages of this book.

Buy this book for hours of fun as your little one goes on a curious journey across the universe. My three and half year old spends his rare quiet time tuning his fine motor skills sticking and patting bright and fun stickers. After all, there are over 400 of them in this book. Grab it and you won't regret.

2. Play Smart Brain Boosters 4+

Author: Early childhood experts at Gakken Publishing

If your child loves puzzles and mazes, this will be a great book to invest in. It has a good mix of fun and engaging activities including picture puzzles, mazes, dot-to-dots, number games, and crafts. Every page offers suggestions to parents on enhancing the kid’s skills.

The activities get more challenging encouraging your child to develop his analytical skills in a fun way. Buy one for your pre-schooler and help them develop their reasoning, vocabulary, and creativity.

3. Dinosaur Activity book for kids (Ages 4-8)

Author: Activity Slayer

This book is a treat for the activity-oriented kids who love dinosaurs. It has all things dinosaur –colouring, word finding, dot-to-dot, tell the difference, etc.

The book encourages logic and creativity through creative expression. The dinosaur patterns range in complexity and can be enjoyed by slightly older children as well.

4. Dot to Dot Space Travel

This is the perfect book for your dot-to-dot crazy child, with an added advantage of space travel! A fun, engaging and educating experience with an interesting mix of dot-to-dots including rockets, spaceships, and aliens.

This a good book for improving concentration, hand-eye coordination, drawing and number learning.

5. Big Preschool Workbook (Ages 3-5)

Author: School Zone Staff

This is a colorful book with an entertaining and interesting assortment of activities including mazes, letters, and numbers. With over 300 colorful exercises in bright and bold illustrations, this book encourages your child to challenge themselves as they progress through the book.

Areas of skills include writing, colors, shapes, directions, and phonics.

6. Wipe Clean- My Big Activity Workbook

If you are looking for a practice book you can use over and over again, this is your stop. This wipe-clean book has an assortment of all-you-may-need activities – letters, numbers, counting, colors, shapes, sorting, spelling, puzzles, etc.

It includes the basic writing exercises and also Sudoku, crosswords, and mazes for well-rounded learning. Grab one for a rough and tough learning experience.

7. The Never-Bored Kid Book (Ages 4-5)

Author: Evan-Moor

This a 160 pages long book full of a diverse range of exciting activities including mazes, sequencing, spot the differences, shapes, coloring, dot-to-dot and a lot of cut-and-paste. It would keep your imaginative child hooked for a while with its challenging tasks.

It would help them develop their analytical and creative skills whilst keeping it entertaining and stimulating. You can grab one for travel and holidays and have a bit of rest as your child navigates herself though this mental adventure.

8. I Can Do That: Stickers

Author: Gakken

For a pre-schooler who likes endless sticker fun, this book, with over 350 reusable stickers, is pure delight. With 64 board games including counting, mazes and picture puzzles, sticking gets creatively combines with reasoning, problem-solving and basic math.

The bright and bold illustrations around animals, food, toys, vehicles, etc. promises to make it fun and engaging.

9. The Big Fun Preschool Workbook

This is an award-winning book, developed by experts, with 250 pages of puzzle-based activities that are fun and engaging for your preschool child. It is a complete package of a variety of skills including early reading, math, picture puzzles, colors, patterns and a lot in between. The book comes with a Certificate of Achievement and online activities to encourage learning.

Get a copy to keep your little one busy, all whilst learning and practicing new skills.

10. My Big Wimmelbook – Cars and Things That Go

Author: Stefan Lohr

Welcome to the world of Wimmelbooks – the vibrant and panoramic picture books that are a bestselling genre in Germany and worldwide! Every page is a vivid spread bustling with life. What may look like chaos is actually masterful and instruction-free storytelling that follows the lives of some chosen characters, page upon page, as they go about their daily chores.

It prompts children and their parents to use their imagination and create stories to suit the moments in the pictures. It encourages learning by forward-thinking and the use of situation-appropriate language.

Young kids will have fun seeking out objects and actions familiar to them (vehicles, people, etc.) and older kids can follow the star characters and tell unfolding stories. So get revving your way into the picture world via your favorite vehicles.

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