10 Best Heart Warming Stories for Christmas

Hey readers, Merry Christmas!

Not quite, you’ll say. But somehow, if you look around, it doesn’t feel that far away. There may be no snow on my street but strings of icicle LED’s on neighbors’ roofs lend themselves to glowing anticipation.

It is that time of the year again- when we feel merry and fuzzy, joyfully soaking in the shimmering lights, jingling sounds and delicious smells of the festive abundance around us. The cold season of joy, love, togetherness, and sharing warms up our hearts in a sublime paradox.

And that’s exactly why, we bring to you ‘10 Heart Warming Stories for Christmas’ through our collection of these uplifting, inspiring and unifying stories that will sit perfectly with your little one’s cup of hot chocolate. They may not all come from Santa’s grotto up north, but they fit every bit the warm and joyous spirit of Yuletide.

Beautifully narrated and illustrated, they are perfect presents for your toddler or pre-schooler. They stir imagination and emotion with sensitively told stories about life, relationships, self-image and family.

So, read on the snapshot, make your pick and tickle your little one’s heart with some Christmas magic!

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1. Secret Santa and the Twelve days of Christmas Giving

Author: Courtney Petruzzelli
Illustrator: Melissa B. Snyder

“It isn’t about all the gits you receive,
It’s what you can GIVE, that’s what people believe,
The joy and the hope you will spread this season
Is what Christmas is for, the real, true reason.”

As aptly and wonderfully put, the compelling and enduring message of this classic is giving and sharing during the Christmas season. In this story, Santa invites an elite group of truly kind and compassionate kids to become a part of his ‘Secret Santa Team’ and help spread cheer to those in need. It encourages families to talk to their children about giving and experience the joy that comes along with it.

Children will love the exciting new adventures on every page. The poetic text and hand-painted, yesteryear illustrations transport you into a magical atmosphere. The key takeaway is compassion and generosity of spirit, for the festive period and beyond. Grab this gem and keep it in your treasure of precious reads for Christmas.

2. Elfie the Elf

Author: Cheryl DeVleeschouwer
Illustrator: Christian J Gaitan

Granny has an unforgettable bedtime story to tell her grandkids. A little lonely girl happens to meet an elf and they strike a friendship. They learn to support each other and help them follow their dreams. Set against the serene and snowy arctic backdrop, the story ticks all things Christmassy – elves, reindeers, and St. Nicolas himself!

Read this intimate story for lessons in friendship and little acts ok kindness. The illustrations are warm and bright and lend themselves to emotive storytelling.

3. The Magic of Friendship Snow

Author and Illustrator: Andy Cann

The book explores the concept of friendship, as complex as it can be, from the eyes of young Jojo. With everyone seeming to have friends around her, she feels sad and lonely. Finding a friend, making a friend and being a friend doesn’t come naturally to her. But only before she meets Puddles, the snowman made from magic snow! Eventually, she learns to be a friend.

A perfect book for young kids who struggle with loneliness and friendship, reassuring them that it can be learned and good friends will be found.

As the book says, “The discovery of a best friend is a precious gift of childhood.

4. Stick Man

Author: Julia Donaldson
Illustrator: Axel Scheffler

A classic favorite with kids and parents alike, if you haven’t already got your hands on this gem from Julia Donaldson’s pen, then do grab this fantastically narrated and curiously illustrated book. It is the story you can read night after night and still love the flavor.

“Stick Man lives in the family tree, With his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three.”

As he sets out for a morning jog one day, he gets hurtled through various misadventures that take him farther and farther from his family. Battered by his circumstances and hostile weather, he is still hopeful, kind and longing to meet his dear ones. Will he be back home by Christmas, where his family patiently awaits him with gifts underneath the X-mas tree? It is a heart-warming story of patience, perseverance, and togetherness that will keep you hooked till the end.

5. Too Many Toys

Author and Illustrator: Heidi Deedman

Welcome to the world of an envious and insurmountable number of your child’s favorite friends – toys! This is a story of a girl, Lulu, who has a very special favorite teddy, Jupiter. As she grows, so does her collection of toys, until they are everywhere. However, she still loves fluffy Jupiter the best. Her shelves, toy box, and even her breakfast and bedtimes have become messy and chaotic. Sensible Lulu plans ‘The Great Toy Giveaway’ for her friends one day and watches them go one by one. Until, of course, she is left with her treasured teddy.

“Jupiter, you are all I need.”

The text is well supported by its depictive illustrations, which visually spell out the narrative. Read this epitome of every child’s dream to yours and see them wonder at the idea of a house full of toys. It may be an opportunity to discuss giving away our extras, but of course, only once the book is finished!

6. We are Family

Author: Patricia Hegarty
Illustrator: Ryan Wheatcroft

“Wherever we are, whatever the weather, families always stick together.”

Christmas is the time of coming together and celebrating with your family members, no matter how different they may be. Welcome to this warm book to see 10 diverse families living this lesson.

This is a lovely story celebrating the differences and looking for similarities between 10 families as they go on in their daily lives. The families represent the modern world coming from assorted backgrounds – big, small, ethnically diverse, transracially adoptive, disability, same-sex, single parent etc. What resonates is how they go about living their lives ‘normally’ as they eat, play, work and holiday together. How they comfort each other and cope together in difficult times echoes with the reader.

This book is a visual treat with its vivid artwork lending continuity to the lives of the families page after page. Grab this book for its practical, modern and embracing attitude towards people and life.

As it rightly says, “…the love we feel’s the same.

7. Giraffes can’t dance

Author: Giles Andreae
Illustrator: Guy Parker – Rees

This top-seller is the subtle, joyous and effective lesson in confidence, body positivity and self-esteem. It is the tale of a tall giraffe, Gerald, who has crooked knees and thin legs. He thinks he is terrible at dancing and creeps off, heartbroken, from the dance floor after he is ridiculed for his moves at the ‘Jungle Dance’ by the other animals, who present splendid and elegant dances.

But the events take a twist when he is inspired by an unlikely friend– “But sometimes when you’re different, You just need a different song.

Eventually, he comes back with a scintillating performance that humbles his critics. He declares,“We all can dance, When we find music that we love.

I have read this with my sons, five and three, who have loved this book for their own reasons. With rhyming text and, vivid and bold illustrations, it tiptoes its way into the journey of Gerald from shy to brave. Read it with your kids to talk about friendship, self-worth, uniqueness and overcoming peer-pressure.

A true heart-warming and soul-uplifting book for Christmas!

8. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Illustrator: Lesley Harker

Perhaps the most Christmassy book in our list, this takes us to the origins of the festival – the birth of baby Jesus!

Captivated by a star twinkling through their window, two children and their dog embark on a journey to follow it. The ‘guiding’ star takes them to Bethlehem, where everybody seems to be following it. They arrive at a stable and witness the birth of baby Jesus.

Rhyming text, watercolor illustrations and a shining star on every page are sure to keep your child hooked to the book. It is a new and curious interpretation of a classic rhyme, and a bit of a lesson in the history of the festival.

9. Iris & Isaac

Author and Illustrator: Catherine Rayner

From the pen of the ‘2009 CILIP Kate Greenway Medal’ winner, this is a tale of polar bears who have fallen out of friendship and how they long to get back together.

Think Christmas, think snow. Think snow, think polar bears (or penguins!)…

Set in the snowy Arctic landscape, it explores the feelings of Iris and Isaac as the angry bears stomp away far from each other. Soon enough, they start to miss each other when they see other animals playing together and get excited by the Arctic wonders. They long for each other but will they reunite?

Simple and somewhat repetitive text, along with a soft artwork make this a good bedtime story for this season. Snuggle in and take the opportunity to talk to your child about polar wildlife and the magical Northern lights. It will surprise you what they can think!

10. Copy me, Copycub

Author: Richard Edwards
Illustrator: Susan Winter

Another winter delight, ‘Copy me, Copycub’ is a heartwarming story of a wonderful bond between a mother bear and her little cub. He is dotingly called ‘copycub’ as he imitates his mother in everything she does.

Everything the mother did, the cub did too.”

Splashing through swamps, climbing trees, fetching honey and lolloping together, the cute bear cub imitates his mother through seasons and terrains. Exhausted by his cold and arduous journey, the cub is too tired to continue and wants to sleep. However, on being coaxed by his mother one last time, he copies his way into the warmth and safety of the bear cave. Well, just in time to hibernate after a well-deserved hug!

With a charming story and emotive artwork, this truly is a heart-warming book for parents and little children to bond over. It will most likely end perfectly into saying ‘nighty night’ to your own tired ‘copycub’.

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