DIY Paper Mask Craft for Kids

Looking for New Year's Eve party ideas?

Making a mask is a fun, easy and inexpensive way for children and even adults to prepare for a party. Since New Year's Eve is so close, we decided to make these fun mask to celebrate the new year.  This DIY party mask also makes a perfect New Year's Eve craft and activities for kids to do on new year's eve.

Complete your kid's New Year's Eve attire with this super cute paper mask!

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Cardstock Paper
Construction Paper
Barbed Elastic Cord


1. Trace the section covering the eyes on a pink cardstock paper. Mark the opening for the eyes and cut it out carefully. Measure and adjust the size and positioning of eyes based on your child's face.

2. Cut out five leaves from multi-color construction papers. We used orange, pink and green for our mask. Here is an approx measurement of leaves we used: height 7.5" and width 4.5".

3. Make small slits on the leaves as shown in the picture.

4. Glue the leaves on the pink cardstock paper eye mask.

5. Decorate your mask with glitter and sequins.

6. Glue multi-color feathers at the centre.

7. Poke two small holes on the side of the mask using a skewer or any sharp object. Insert a barbed elastic cord and the mask is all set.

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