Sponge Painted Four Seasons Art for Kids

Did you know art plays an important role in brain development and boosting confidence in kids?

I am excited to share this easy painting for kids from our new contributor Gunjan. She is a mom of an adorable 2-year-old boy. She was always fascinated by art since her childhood and loves to paint between all the parenting chores ;).

With this simple sponge painting technique and handprints, children can create can their beautiful four-season trees.

Check out the video tutorial and pictures below to learn how to make this four seasons art for kids.

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Cardstock or Construction Paper (White)
Oil Pastel


Step 1: Prepare the workspace by attaching the paper to the table using masking tape. This is an optional step just to make sure paper doesn't move while kids are working on their artwork.

Step 2: Start by painting the background for a season using oil pastel colors. Spread the color with a tissue paper to give an even look.

Step 3: Trace kid's handprint to make the tree stem.

Step 4: Fill the tree using a brown crayon.

Step5: Cut a rectangular piece of sponge. Dip the sponge in color based on the season.

Step 6: Based on the season, start printing the leaves and flowers using the sponge.

Let the paint dry and your beautiful spring tree is ready! Repeat the steps to make tress for other seasons.

Spring is almost here! If you're looking to plan spring theme projects for preschoolers, we have an awesome collection of easy spring craft and activities for children.

Hope you enjoy browsing through these craft ideas and find the next project for your classroom or do it at home.

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