DIY Pete The Cat Costume For Kids

“Buttons come and buttons go. Does Pete Cry? Goodness no!”

This year our daughter was old enough to decide about her own Halloween costume. So when asked, she immediately shouted “Pete the Cat”. No surprise, Pete The Cat is one of the cooler animated characters going around in her circles. We knew she had a special affection for Pete when we visited comic con in our local library and the only masked character she clicked a photo with was Pete the Cat!

As parents, we love Pete the Cat too. His stories are funny yet all about useful life-skills such as playing with everyone, taking it easy in life and enjoying life. Those are probably the most important lessons we can impart to our children. Happiness should come first.

So, now, how do you make our kid look like Pete? We decided to get her in yellow and blue covers (jeans, cardigan and t-shirt), craft four groovy buttons and a simple mask cut-out for Pete’s face and eyes. The result turned out to be cool. This quickly became the new favorite toy for some days to go.

Enjoy making this costume craft with your little one and see them pick up some life skills on the side.

Happy Crafting!

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Yellow Cardigan
Blue Full Sleeve Top
Blue Jeans
Barbed Elastic Cord
Velro Sticky Fasteners
Cardstock Paper
Construction Paper
Black Sharpie Marker


1. Cut out four circles from an empty cereal box or white cardstock paper to make the buttons.

2. Color one side of the circle with green, red, blue and teal color. One color on each circular cutout. Let it dry.

3. After the color on the button is dried, outline the buttons and draw four holes on each button.

4. Trace and cut out the shape of Pete's mask from a white cardstock paper. Color the mask (we mixed blue and black color for our mask) and let it dry. Outline the make using a black marker.

5. Cut out the shape of the eyes and nose from a construction paper. Color the eyes orange and outline it with black marker.

6. Place the orange section of the eyes on the mask and trace the semi-circle on the mask.

7. Cut out the semi-circle you traced making an opening for your kid's eye. Tip: Measure and adjust the size and positioning of eyes based on your child's face.

8. Make two small holes on the side of the mask. Insert a barbed elastic cord and the mask is all set.

9. Now it's time to place the button on the cardigan. Stick the one part of the velcro sticker on the back of the cardboard buttons and the other part on the buttons of the cardigan (after your child wears it).

10. Place the cardboard button on the cardigan using velcro fastener.

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Spoon Grinch Pete the Cat Paper Mask

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