Handmade Anniversary Card

Looking for some creative ideas for your parents wedding anniversary? Make this adorable and simple anniversary card for parents. Your parents will cherish this lovely handmade gift by you.

Anniversary cards for parents handmade

You can also personalize the figurine to match your parent's personality. It is an easy anniversary card idea for parents or any loved one. This also makes for a lovely valentines day card.

how to make anniversary card

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Cardstock Paper
Wiggle Eye Stickers
Gem Stickers
Flower Button
Washi Tape


Step 1: Fold a white cardstock paper into half.

Step 2: Cut out the shape of a boy's hat from blue cardstock paper. Add two small blue pom-poms and other details using a black marker. Let us know in the comments if you want a printable template for the hat.

Easy paper hat craft

Step 3: Cut out the shape of a girl's hat from pink cardstock paper. Add a pink flower button and other details using a black marker as shown below. Let us know in the comments if you want a printable template for hats.

Paper hat craft template

Step 4: Stick both the hats on the folded white cardstock.

Step 5: Add the wiggle eye stickers for boy and girl. Also, make smiley for both using a black marker.

Step 6: Cut out a tie shape from washi tape (roughly 0.5" wide).

Washi Tape Tie Craft

Step 7: Stick it on the card for boy.

Step 8: Using three gem stickers make a necklace for the girl.

parents wedding anniversary card tutorial

That's all. Your lovely handmade anniversary card for parents is ready. Personalize the card with anniversary wishes for parents.

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  1. Can i have template for girl and boy hats? Thank you