How I renewed Indian Passport in US within 10 days?

I recently got my Indian passport renewed in the United States. It took 10 days for the entire process to complete. Hurray!

Cox & Kings Global Services (CKGS) is the authorized service provider for the Embassy of India across the USA for the Indian Passport services. You need to apply on the CKGS website and follow the due process. Later, during the process, you will be directed to the Government of India website to fill your online passport form and then return back to CKGS to complete the application.

Here is the link to CKGS Indian Passport Application Center:

On the CKGS page, click on the “Passport Application Get Started” box, (Or you can use this direct link here: and it will start your passport application. Make sure to keep the document listed on the page handy before you start filling out the forms.

I selected Normal application type and state I live in. The centre is automatically populated based on the state you live in. Clicking on PROCEED extends the form and asked to select the services.

I selected reissue of passport since the passport is going to expire. Also, selected two miscellaneous services - 1) change of address and 2) addition of spouse name. And filled out the applicant details, submission details, and contact information.

There are two options to submit your application.
  1. Walk-in to the consulate office
  2. Shipping through courier service
We have had a successful experience using courier service option for my daughter's OCI card, so I was pretty comfortable sending the documents through courier this time as well. I decided to go for prepaid FedEx shipping service for both sides.

Here is the list of documents I submitted for passport renewal:

  • Original Indian Passport 
  • Photographs (3) - 2"x2" & white background 
  • CKGS Online Payment Receipt 
  • Online NRI Passport Application Form 
  • Nationality Verification Form 
  • Passport copy of first five and last two pages. 
  • US legal Status 
  • US Address Proof 
  • Indian Address Proof 
  • Affidavit for change of appearance/signature form  (Sample affidavit at the end of the post)
  • Annexure E 

Since I requested to add spouse name in my passport, I submitted two additional documents though they didn’t ask for them.

  • Marriage certificate 
  • Copy of first & last page of spouse’s passport 

Here are the dates for your reference:

Aug 28: Sent the application with documents through FedEx express mail
Aug 29: Application ‘Received’ by CKGS but ‘Not Verified’
Aug 29: Application Verification is ‘Complete’. Processing of your application will continue”
Aug 29: Application ‘Under Process at CKGS’
Aug 29: Application in transit to the Indian Consulate.
Aug 30: Application is “AT EMBASSY”. Application is ‘Under Process’ at Consulate for decision making.
Sep 05: Application ‘Reviewed’ by Consulate and ‘In Transit’ to CKGS Application Centre
Sep 05: Passport ‘Received’ at the CKGS application centre and is at the ‘Sorting Facility’ where it is being processed for delivery
Sep 06: Passport picked up by FedEx
Sep 07: Received my new passport


Link to track the passport renewal application online

Sample Online NRI Passport Application Form:

Sample Affidavit For Change Of Appearance And Signature For Indian Passport Renewal

Hope you find it useful!!


  1. Hi! - can you share the text and format of your "Affidavit for change of appearance/signature form"? Thank you so much.

    1. Hi there, I have added my affidavit sample in the post for your reference. As far as I remember, it was auto-generated based on the information I filled in the form. Hope it helps. All the best!

  2. Latest list as seen in CKGS (as of Feb 12, 2019):

    Change in appearance could be due to any of the below scenarios. Kindly click on yes above if one or more scenarios apply to you. Incorrect selection may lead to application getting rejected or marked as incomplete which may further delay the process

    1. Photo with beard on the current passport and photo without beard on the passport application

    2. Photo with moustache on the current passport and photo without moustache on the passport application

    3. Photo with glasses on the current passport and photo without glasses on the passport application

    4. Photo with turban on the current passport and photo without turban on the passport application

    5. Difference in physique in between the photo of current passport and photo on the passport application

    6. Difference in appearance due to aging in between the photo of current passport and photo on the passport application

  3. Did you keep the Indian address on your new passport or changed it to reflect your US address? I would like to keep the Indian address that is already on the passport. Would that delay the application in any way or may cause a police verification in India?

    1. Hi Aanchal, I changed my address in passport to the US address because the address in my passport was not my permanent address in India. I remember they explicitly ask in the passport renewal form if you would like to update your address in the passport. I believe, you should be able to keep your current address in the passport and any sort of verification should happen only in case you request to change it. I would still recommend to confirm the same with others who had similar case. Hope it helps! All the best.

    2. I am in similar kind of situation and dilemma. My kid's passport is up for renewal in next 6 months. India address mentioned in my kid's current passport is not our permanent address and while filling the application in CKGS I selected "yes" for "Do you want to Change your Address" as I wanted to use the USA address in the Passport.

      In the "Application for Indian Passport" where it asks for "Passport Printable Address Details" I provided USA Address and "Other Address Details" I have provided my wife's home address in India as she has Aadhar card with correct/permanent address. (Address in my Aadhar card is not correct/current permanent address in India)

      In the document checklist, the 10th items says "India Address Proof (If applicant wants to add/change Indian Address)”. Does this checklist apply in this case? If yes, and since my Kid does not have Aadhar card yet, does sending my wife's Aadhar card suffices the checklist requirement?

      Can someone please share your thoughts or experiences if you were in similar situation? Please suggest and thanks so much in advance.

    3. Hi Sampath,

      I am also in similar situation , so was you Kid's passport renewed with US address.


  4. If your application is in transit to the Consulate, does that mean that all the documents are proper as per checklist and that embassy can smoothly process your application? Or can the embassy still request for additional documents based on your application process once they review your case?


  5. Does FedEx require signature at the time of
    passport delivery to our house? Or will they drop off the passport at our house address without requiring our signature? Please let me know

    1. Hi there, I don't remember signing when my passport was delivered. I would still recommend checking with FedEx directly. You might be able to request scheduled delivery. All the best!

  6. Where did you notarize the documents? Banks do not notarize the affidavit directly without the "notary wording" on it. They said they would attach a document with the wording indicating which document was notarized and the seal would be on that document. Would this document be accepted?

    1. You can notarize in UPS. They charge $7 per sign or paper etc.

      If you are a member of AAA, you can get it done for free there.

    2. That should be fine. We have done that once but can't remember if it was for passport renewal application.

  7. Did you do tatkal to get in 10 days ? which Jurisdiction ? I see different cities have different processing times. I have 8 weeks for my current one to expire, thinking should I do normal or expedite using Tatkal

    1. Hi Ramesh, I applied under Normal application type and my center was San Francisco. Hope it helps! All the best.

  8. This was very helpful, Thank you !

  9. Hi Sampath,

    I am also in similar situation , so was you Kid's passport renewed with US address.


  10. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this, its really helpful. The address on my current passport is an old one, we don't live there anymore. If I put my parent's current India address, would I need to be present in India for police verification? or would you suggest I leave the old address as is.

  11. Hi,

    I want to renew my passport at SF jurisdiction (according to my residence) however, i may have to travel to the east cost for business purpose and there are chances that my stay would be for 2 months at a hotel. Is there an option to choose different delivery address for shipping the renewed passport than the address you currently reside? I am worried that i may not be available when they dispatch the passport to my current address in california.