Hi 5! Happy Birthday Big Boy

My older son recently turned 5! Another year just fleeted past right in front of my eyes and what a year it was! Over the top of my head, there are some quick milestones he achieved during the time. He mini graduated from nursery to school, started taking swimming and football lessons and learnt riding his bike without support. But, it is the subtle accomplishments that made him much more endearing. From giving flattering compliments to being a kind host at play dates, from teaching supermarket-shopping to his rather temper-throwing toddler brother to tricking him into doing his bid, he is maturing fast into the ways of the world.

He seems to have acquainted himself to the art of appeasement. Seriously confessing, “Mummy, you are the best mummy in the universe” and “You are so pretty and beautiful”, he makes my day like never before. I wouldn’t bother about my mismatched clothes and rather dishevelled hair after that. It is kind of empowering even if the compliments aren’t completely true. Trickery, distraction and deception seem to have made their way into his everyday talk. Can’t blame him; Often, it’s a fight of rights between the weeny brothers at home!

Luckily, there is more help around the house now that he is getting bigger. He runs to carry my shopping bags and help me sort the groceries out. He helps me with tidying up and cleaning too. He actively mops up the garden waste and puts it in the bin. He is daddy’s little angel when it comes to car washing. He loves teamwork and follows instructions (well, mostly).

Most importantly to me, he remains a sweetheart who still likes to hop on and cuddle mummy when upset. He prefers homemade lunches to hot school dinners and competes with my little one on who loves me more. Wow! It is bittersweet that he is getting older. Glad that he is growing into an amazing boy but a little sad that I am gradually losing his childhood. So, here is recounting my little boy’s last year to remember and cherish what makes him so adorable.

Hi Five! To Boyhood and Beyond…

Whizzing past another year, arrives a little gentleman
Cheeky yet kind, with an endearing smile, a treat for family and friends
Bigger and cleverer, a preacher of manners, he talk as tall as self
In want of love, praise and winnings, our mini lad strives to excel

“Mummy, I love you a 109 million million.” words that lighten up my eyes..
“My papa is the strongest Batman ever.” Well, daddy does swell up with pride.
“He does thousands of mistakes but he’s OK.” Of your little brother you wink and suggest,
“I want to do what I want to do.” But oftentimes, it ‘s rebellion at its best.

More rough play and tricks this year, and superhero acts galore
Transformers, Ben 10 aliens and riotous games, ”It’s so cool.” you laugh and roar
A secret smirk at fruits and veggies, but a new love for chips and smarties
“I want to go to McDonalds.” It’s your mecca for the ultimate treat!

The new exploits at swimming and football, you talk of them with pride
“I rode my bike without stabilizers”, you beamed with marvel and delight
Goodbye nursery, hello big school, as we start with thrill and zest
Doing digraphs and trigraphs and lots of books, and numbers that never seem to rest!

A special bond with your little brother, partners in mischief and play
Teaching him your homemade games, the superhero rules, the combat way
He “pushes and pinches” and is “good and silly”, but you happily do take care
A tidy-upper, a groceries-sorter, a self-dresser, Oh! the inspiration you share..

As another year flies by, with sweet memories on its wings
Of thunderous roars and cheeky games, some Lego-wizardry and construction things
Boundless be your feats, like a superstar you may shine
Oh! Our young chipper, our little baby, a million more suns be thine...

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