Paper Plate Lion Craft

Inspired by Mayor Lionheart, a major character in the lovely Walt Disney movie - Zootopia. Our family has watched Zootopia many many times and we really enjoyed the nuanced characterizations in the movie. Especially, our two-year-old toddler who has by now memorized the names of all the key characters in the movie - her favorite being Judy! No wonder Zootopia was declared the best animated movie in Oscars 2017. It's just a very endearing movie.

We were watching the movie again yesterday!, and that inspired us to craft the noble but pompous character - Leodore Lionheart - the mayor of Zootopia!

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Inspired by another charming character of this movie - Nick Wilde, we made this cute Fox craft. When you have kids crafting with you, it is inevitable to not craft animals and therefore we have dozens of Animal Crafts on our blog. My favorite is this Doggy Puppet and Rocking Elephant.

Paper plate, Lion, Kid's craft, craft for kids, Lion craft, easy craft, zootopia, mayor lionheart, crafty mom, crafty kid

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Paper Plate (1)
Wiggle eyes (2)

Construction Paper
Black Marker
Glue Stick

1. Paint the paper plate and let it dry.

2. Make vertical cuts around the circumference of the paper plate for the mane of the lion (approx. 3cm deep x 1cm wide).

3. Cut shape for the nose from red construction paper and eyebrows from black construction paper. If you want, you can draw the nose & eyebrows directly on the paper plate instead of cutouts. We decided to use paper cutouts because it was easy for my toddler to work with since she is still learning to use the pen.

4. Cut the white thread into 6 pieces (each roughly 4cm long) to make whiskers.

5. Glue the wiggle eyes, eyebrows and nose.

6. Draw the mouth with a black pen and glue the whiskers.

7. Lightly shuffle the vertical cuts giving a nice look for the mane.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Hi. Love this idea for a lion scout meeting craft. Can I just have them color the plate with yellow and brown instead of painting? It will still comw out the same, right?