Saluting Real Life Heroes: Soldiers

On Memorial day today in the United States, it was the perfect time to educate my tot about the real heroes in our lives: SOLDIERS. To act beyond self for all of your nation and put your life on the line is the highest form of sacrifice and heroism.

With this craft below, we salute all soldiers living and those who have martyred all over the world.

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1. Trace and cut the shapes for hat, rifle, and hand from the cereal box.


2. Cut some random shapes from white cardstock paper to create camouflage patterns on the uniform.

3. Paint the paper roll tube, sleeves for hand, hat, rifle and camouflage pattern cutting  as shown below.

4. Glue the camouflage pattern on the colored part of paper roll tube.

5. Glue the egg mould on the circular cutting making the hat for the soldier.

6. Glue the hat and the hands to the tube.

7. Make the eyes, nose and mouth of the soldier.

8. Attach jute twine to the rifle.

9. Glue the jute twine to the tube such that the rifle is hanging across the soldier's body.

Happy Crafting!

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