Cardboard Tube Dog Puppet Craft for Kids

Dogs are arguably one of the first few animals that a baby is introduced to. So, it’s no surprise they hold a special place in children’s hearts and minds. It’s endearing to hear them imitating the woof woof sounds and see them get super excited when they see the great diversity of sizes and color in dogs around them.

This one, therefore, is to the memory of all the wonderful dogs driven happiness in our tot’s and our life. For extra credit, this one comes with all the moves so our tot not only enjoyed making this but is having a ball playing with it.

Inspired by Puppy Puppet

See it in action here:

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Paper roll tube (2)
Jute Twine
Popsicle sticks (2) - size 11cm x 0.8cm
Straw (5)
Green round stickers
Paint (blue)


1. Paint the paper roll tubes in blue and let them dry. 

2. Glue the two popsicle sticks together to form a cross and let it dry.

3. Cut one tube in half. Use one half for the head and the other for the ears.

4. Cut the ears - a single elongated 8-shape from the other half of the tube.

5. Make four holes on the bottom of the body for the legs.  Tip: You can use wood skewer to punch the holes.

6. Thread two approx. 8" pieces of twine through the leg holes, adding a cut bendable straw segment for the feet. Knot at each end and cut the extra twine.

7. On the opposite side of the tube, make holes at both ends of the body and thread a long piece of twine (approx. 30") through the body and head. Tie it to the popsicle sticks.

8. Glue the ears to the top of one side of the head as shown in the picture.

9. Glue wiggle eyes on the head.

10. Decorate the body with green round stickers.

11. Glue on the cut bendable straw segment to create a tail. Make an angled cut on the un-glued end of the tail.

The doggy puppet is ready for your kid to have fun with. Happy Crafting!

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