Twelve Key Things To Do After Moving To The US

All of us get euphoric when we learn that we are going to experience living in a different country. Whether it’s the thought of making new friends, living in a different scenery, driving different cars or just soaking in the culture of another civilization, it’s natural to be excited and lofty in the days before the big adventure.

But then, we sit down and start making a list of everything to be done before the move and reality starts to sink in. You realize there is a lot to be done even before you can board the flight over. But’s that all good - you get your visas, make arrangements to dispose or rent your local belongings, get your finances in order, book tickets and hotels. The day you were dreaming of arrives and you board that flight and make a grand entrance into the USA. 

It is, however, what needs to be done after this that we hardly prepare or have the time or resources to prepare for. Many that have visited US on B1/B2 for official trips think they know all there is to it but nothing is further from the truth. Living in the US on your chain vs the cushion of corporate blanket are two world’s apart. The “chain of surprises and unknowns” start to hit you slowly & gradually and you long for someone/something that could have prepared you well for what to do after you have made the move to the US.

Well, fret not, because this is exactly what this and subsequent blogs endeavor to do. This is extracted from personal experience and as they say “theory is good but practice is what matters”. So, what all do you need to take care of after you have arrived in the US? Here’s the list and each takes you to a detailed blog for that particular step. With this you can arm yourself much better, avoid costly mistakes and reduce a ton of stress.

1) Go through immigration interview (Common questions/I-94/Checking stamped date)

2) The first ride or drive to the hotel (Paying with foreign credit card/Opting in for damage insurance)

3) Getting a cellphone SIM card (Contract or unlocked phones/Payment deposit/Talk, text, data plans)

4) Filling out the time-sensitive employment forms part 1 (Filling I-9 e-verify/W-4 tax witholding)

5) Applying for SSN

6) Opening the first bank account (Credit unions or banks/checking or savings/debit & credit cards/paypal)

7) Filling out employment forms - part 2 (Deposit distribution/Insurance selections)

8) Renting a house (Lease duration/Credit check/Application fees/ Deposit/Renters insurance/Utility connections)

9) Applying for a driving license (DMV written test/DMV driving test/DMV ID card)

10) Shopping for basics (Online vs in store/Price match guarantees/Returns/Furniture/Bedding/Mattresses/Kitchen Appliances/Outdoors)

11) Buying a car (Credit checks/Pre-approved loan/Insurance/Cashier’s check)

12) Applying for L2 EAD (If on L1 visa)

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