L2 EAD Cover Letter Sample

**Update (05/05/2017) - Filing fee for form I-765 is now $410

<Applicant’s Address>


U.S. Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
<USCIS Phoenix/Dallas Lockbox Address>

Subject: Application for Employment Authorization Document (EAD) for L2 visa holder

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am on L2 dependent visa accompanying my husband/wife <spouse’s name> who has assumed employment in United States on an L1 visa (Intra-company transfer).

Pursuant to work eligibility on L2 visa, I am applying for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) so I can assume employment in the United States. I am a capable professional with educational background in <applicant’s discipline ex: Information Technology> and was employed in <applicant’s work area ex: engineering, marketing etc> roles in India during the last <number of years> years. I would like to continue being productive and make valuable contributions to an organization.

Please find below the list of documents/proofs enclosed herewith with the application:

· USCIS Filing Fee of $410 - Bank check #....
· Form G-1145
· Form I-765
· Copy of passport (Spouse and Self)
· Copy of US visa (Spouse – L1 visa and Self – L2 visa)
· Copy of I-94 arrival/departure record (Spouse and Self)
· Copy of marriage certificate
· Two (2) photographs (self)

Kindly assist in approving and issuing the EAD at the earliest.

Thanking You,


<Applicant’s Name>

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  1. hi shikha, thanks for all the info about filing ead. trust me , its really helpful. there is just one thing that i wanted to know though. why did you send your spouse's I-94, visa , passport copies when the instruction manual for filling the form does not ask for it. LINK below , pg-7 & pg 8

    just want to know if i am missing something . also i am an L2 spouse . Thanks in advance. look forward to your reply :) Monica

  2. Hi Shikha, i am from North Caroline. Mailing addres to send the I-765 filled application