Cupcake Liner Butterfly Craft for Kids

Spring is in the air! The season of butterflies and flowers is here. Welcome spring by making these adorable and easy butterfly craft for kids.

Kids love butterflies and would enjoy making some of their own. These simple butterflies are made using cupcake liners and other basic craft supplies. This butterfly craft is perfect spring theme arts and crafts activity, but you can make them any time of year.

If you're looking for butterfly craft preschool kids can make, this is a simple yet beautiful butterfly project for them. This is a super cute kids project for butterfly theme arts and crafts for children.

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Cupcake Liners
Wood Clothespins or Popsicle sticks
Pom Poms
Pipe cleaners
Wiggle Eye Stickers
Acrylic or Water Colors


Step 1: Let's start by making the butterfly wings. To do so, fold two cupcake liners into a quarter.

Step 2: Make patterns on the folder cupcake liner using acrylic or any color of your choice. Let it dry.

Step 3: While your butterfly's wings are getting dried, take a clothespin or popsicle stick and glue three pom-poms on it.

Step 4: Stick wiggle eye stickers.

Step 5: Cut approx 4~5 inches of pipe cleaner and fold it in the shape of butterfly's antenna.

Step 6: If you're using a popsicle stick, you need to glue the wings and antenna to the popsicle stick. But If you're using a clothespin, you will be able to just insert the wings and antenna in it.

What I like about using clothespin is that kids can mix and match the butterfly wings and antenna for more fun.

Hope you enjoy making this lovely butterfly craft with kids. You can also decorate the kid's room or classroom with these kid made butterfly craft.

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