Celebrating A Century Of Posts

Esha and I collaborated to bring you this very special post. Enjoy!

A Century of Art and Prose

“Hebe’s here, May is here! 
The air is fresh and sunny; 
And the miser-bees are busy 
Hoarding golden honey.” 

Say so the famous words by the American poet, Thomas Bailey Aldrich.
And as the bees were busy making sweet honey and the animals, rearing their new-borns, so were we at ‘The Joy of Sharing’, creating and bringing more love to you through our posts.

Why the Drum roll?

We recently published our 100th post.  A big ‘THANK YOU’ to all our readers and followers who have been a part of our journey. Thanks for making our posts popular and leaving amazing comments. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. Some of our posts in the arts category have been extremely popular and we have tried to post more of related content.

Century Milestone Art

How have we grown?

As you know we write fun, easy and educational content on kids’ arts and craft, children’s book reviews, everyday experiences of childhood and personal experiences across travel, health and social media.

We have had some very encouraging responses on certain posts across various categories -‘Easter Crafts’, ‘Halloween & Fall Crafts’, ‘Christmas Crafts’, ‘Paper Plate Crafts’ and ‘Popsicle Stick Crafts’, garnering many thousands of views and still growing strong. This is exactly what inspires us to keep exploring new ideas that all of us can relate to. We expanded our areas of focus by including two new interesting categories 'The Journey of Childhood' and 'Children's Books Reviews'.

How do we strengthen our blog?

Besides trying to venture into different interesting ideas, we also worked towards increasing the traction of the blog, leveraging the excitement around festive seasons to expand our reach.
The last Christmas season was particularly successful in increasing traffic, as we participated in blog-hopping (i.e., Along with other popular blogs, we mutually shared the links to our blogs as we regularly published posts).

Going forward, we are looking forward to a possible ‘guest-blogger’ experience, making further footprints in the world of blogging.

Thank you again, dear readers, for always inspiring us. Cheers to the true joy of sharing!

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Once again, Thanks for your love and support! ❤️

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