‘Solomon Crocodile’ Book Review

Solomon Crocodile - Trouble and mischief in the swampy paradise

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Author and Illustrator - Catherine Rayner
Target Ages - Toddlers and preschoolers
Rating - 

“Everyone is relaxing in the morning sun until....”

There is a sudden commotion in the quiet swamps as the mischievous Solomon sets out to find a friend to play with. Chaos sets in as the troublesome crocodile chases off the frogs, dragonflies and storks in his quest for play. But the riotous reptile is not welcome by anyone, dismissed as a “pest”, a “nuisance” and a “pain”.

But cheeky Solomon is unfettered and decides to chase the biggest hippo to have his “best fun yet”. An unexpected roar from the rather unassuming hippo spells the end of the ruckus. He begins to feel sad and friendless. But will he really be lonely or soon be joined in by someone seeking more fun and ruckus? Perhaps latter as he is crept up upon by another riotous crocodile.

The story ends on a positive note suggesting that even the mischievous crocodile has found a friend in the end and can finally have a playtime more like him. Sometimes older toddlers and preschoolers may feel lonely in their play. This story has a cheerful end suggesting you will find your friend, with the same idea of a fun playtime as yours.
The story is lively and fuels curiosity. Catherine Rayner’s artwork is bright and colourful. Her spray-painted illustrations are impactful and fit perfectly on the crocodile. Catherine has followed the story in another book titled ‘Solomon and Mortimer’.

My toddler enjoyed the story and wanted to read more. It is one of our favourites and we have read it many times now. My son loves ‘Chochiles’ (crocodiles) and goes ‘snap’ very time the story ends. He used to make a sad face whenever Solomon was dejected. He would point at the sharp zigzag crocodile teeth and its large eyes. He has roared with the hippo and jumped with the frogs. It can get quite animated and theatrical with an excited toddler.

Key highlights and Rating:

This beautifully illustrated story of a rambunctious crocodile in search for a playmate will be a good read for little kids, especially the ones who love crocodiles. Its vibrant artwork is distinctive and eye-catching and storytelling, simple and straightforward. This book is a treasure and will live in our collection for some more years.

In nutshell, a 5-star book for some excitement and animated fun for your reading time.

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