Wonderful things kids say

Time flies, much faster with kids, as hours and days become weeks and months, and the little ones no longer remain little anymore.

My older son will soon be graduating from nursery, completing his first of the many educational milestones. It was not long ago that I was apprehensive about how he would settle in and get along with the nursery routine. It was hard to let go of his hand as he desperately pleaded to stay with me. After the initial hitch, he gradually gelled in.

Overtime, he has transformed into a kind, gentle and confident boy. Not great with words before, he can talk endlessly now, sometimes even with a know-it-all attitude. It is both amusing and reassuring to see them express themselves with pride and confidence. With all this in my head, the last few days have been rather emotional. I have been reminding myself of the things he did and said up until sometime back.

On that note, here is a little poem I wrote for his fourth birthday, just so I can remember his little bits that brought smile and humour to our lives. They have been picked from his everyday life, expressed in his own language. It is interspersed with pretend roles, scholarly advice and self-admiration, pretty much of his idea of himself.

There is an attic in my tummy

I am not Adhiraj. I am Andy from the museum.
Voosh to the dinosaur clock, to the time of Paraceratherium
Now I am in a racing car. Vroom Vroom..Oopsie..my tyre is flat.
And now I am swimming in my bathtub. Look at my hairstyle- what’s that?
Paper birds don’t talk. I think its just imagination.
Dinosaurs don’t exist anymore. I need their fossils for my collections.
Whales don’t have lifts inside. That would be quiet funny.
What about you, Adhiraj? “There is an attic in my tummy.”

I am a big boy. THIS size, not small height, got it?
I can tidy up cause my friends are coming. I am very excited.
I always speak the truth. I never say, “I don’t know”.
I want my birthday come fast. Then I will be four.
If we want something, we always need to ask.
Let’s do a race. Yeah, I wined. I don’t like to come last.
I dreamed about healthy food – milk and yogurt, very yummy.
Shall I have a chocolate, please? There is an attic in my tummy.

I will wear my willies today. It’s rainy and muddy in my nursery.
I don’t like to get late. Mummy, we have to catch a bus, let’s hurry.
I hang my coat on my peg. Good-bye, Mummy. Bye, baby.
How’s your day, son? “I played in the garden with Joseph, Thomas and Ronnie.”
It’s not good to push, pull or snatch, or shout or ruin somebody’s play.
Mummy, please be quiet and listen to what I say.
I think we can go outside to play now. It’s morning and sunny.
We have a picnic on the blanket. There’s an attic in my tummy.

I love you more (than) all the monster trucks in the world.
You are my best friend. I can always count on you, mum.
My daddy is very good at fixing things. He is awesome.
Papa, shall be go to Tesco please? Buy toys from the toy section?
Baby – he is a cheeky chap. That’s not the way to do it, little one.
He has done a mega poo. He broke my construction. He ruined my fun.
We four are genius. It’s my favourite story, what’s your best bit, mummy?
Are you cooking lasagne or pasta? There is an attic in my tummy.

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