2D Beach Paper Craft

Local beaches in the San Francisco make for a fun and easy getaway destinations for us. This craft is to treasure the time my toddler has spent playing on the beautiful beaches in the bay area.

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1. Cut out the shape of leaves and bushes from green cardstock paper and tree trunk from empty paper roll tube as shown below.

2. Cut out the shape of the shore, clouds, and sun as shown in the picture below.

3. Cut a paper doily into the half. Use one half to make the shape of the beach umbrella. Cut a strip from white cardstock paper and draw diagonal lines with a pink sketch pen to make umbrella stick.

4. Cut out the shape of beach mat (used wrapping paper), starfish and sand dune.

5. Now is the time for your little one to take over and put the beach craft together. Glue all the cutouts on a blue cardstock paper.

6. Draw the mountains with brown pencil color and a few birds with black pencil.

My toddler loved piecing this craft together. Have fun making this craft with your kids. Happy Crafting!

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