Just 1 more than 1!

Greetings everybody.

Life is beautiful and its moments, precious. Never have I felt it is as strongly as I do now, as a mother of two beautiful boys - a four-year-old pre-schooler, and, a just-turned-two toddler.

Before motherhood arrived, I would have never believed the other mums when they said “time flies”. For mine was a slow world, trudging along the alleys of work and home. But when the change happened, it did transport me into another world. Unfamiliar, uncharted, uncertain and unprecedented situations presented themselves to my unskilled self. And, it happened twice. Despite all intent and planning, I found myself rather unprepared for the gigantic task of raising two little kids.

But, I was equally happy and adventurous. I still am. Not the one to miss out on the little joys, I have learnt to let the tiny moments do their talking. Just taking some time to soak them in, not caring if I would remember them when they are all grown up.

Fortunately, as my little one turned two, I managed to recollect some memories made last year, as he transitions into a more exciting toddler. I wish I could hold on to the precious moments but, I am sure there are many more in store. Here is a rather casual poetic effort recounting his last year. A million more suns to you!

Just 1 more than 1!

Bigger by a year, my cheeky grinner, what’s your annual update?
The kisses and cuddles held the act together; but why the messy play of late?
A dramatic turnaround from your modest baby-ness, how did you bring that smile to roar?
In these wonderful eyes and wary ears, your toddler boots have lots in store.

On your face all day, expressions at play - funny, grumpy, scary, fake laugh or cry
Not much talk yet, but all is said, with a curling pout and stretchy eyes
Dancing and prancing to dinosaur raps, tip-tapping the diplodocus way
Humming along the nursery rhymes, did you teach the finger family to sway?

Sponge of a brain, Mr. Get-it-all, there is a great deal you remember
The dinosaur with a red eye, the snake in the park, and, alas! The dead spider
The garden is a fantasy place, where the ant family is chased and counted
The snails are poked; the crawlies crept upon, the wood louse in its ruins, hounded

The kingdom of animals is held close to the chest – lizard, elephant, hen and a million more
Along with come the noises - Hiss of a snake, roar of a lion and flap of a Gigantoraptor
But, of course, gorillas are the best. You, the wild beast incarnate yourself
By thumping your chest and growling loud, you shake the doubt off the shelf

Jumping on the bed, or hide and seek, a chasing game or water-play
Swings and merry-go-rounds may make you dizzy, but big bro games are a hit all the way
Warm hugs are still your sweetest pleasure, tightly packed in my arms
We always look out for each other; it’s fun and mischief with slight alarm

Big brother zone is a competitive place, where imitation is the name of the game
Toys, telly, treats or tools – why can’t everything be ditto –same?
The challenge of the climbing frames, the race to put on your shoe
Why ask for exactly as much? Why follow him to the loo?

You lead with an exuberant personality. Your tiny bits are made of fun.
Feisty, competitive and watchful – a lot of add-ons since you turned one!
‘Baby with a big bottom’, the ‘Little finger’, our birthday boy
We wish to behold each moment of you; every ounce of you is joy.

When I laugh without care, in my thoughts you’ll see, episodes of your life so far,
Like brilliant stars in random scatter, delighting me in every hour
Wish you back the gifts you gave – peace, love and joy, unalloyed
Blessings of abundance, wherever you may go, whatever you may try

The world to you, be a playground in expanse- to dare, explore and seek
To yearn for sweet victories and learn from defeats
Your courage may shine and smiles sparkle, as you tread from year to year
Our precious one, just keep the faith, we hold you ever so dear.

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