B for Brothers, Semi Circles on the Same Side

Hello friends.

Sir David Frost once wisely said, “Having one child makes you a parent; having two, you are a referee.” My kids are very young but it still feels like truer words have never been said.

In the normal world, I would be pleased if asked to settle issues. But in my kids’ world, reason is not always the king. This is my new normal – playing an arbitrator and a judge, attempting to come up with solutions to please both my little boys. Not an impossible task really, but mostly a very exhaustive one for me and an upsetting one for one of them.

Why is it just one last crisp in the end when there are two hungry mouths?
And only one of them can have a last turn at the swing before leaving for dinner?
And only one telly for different choice of cartoons?

My four-year-old is mostly very cooperative but he does have a daily threshold of tolerance. My two-year-old toddler leads with imitation and, despite his size, expects to get and do exactly as much. That’s double trouble. 

But there are times of double play and double fun as well. They are both learning to share their basic resources- food, toys and mummy! The older one’s nursery training comes in handy as well as he gets well versed with tidying up, turn taking and talking through most routines. A bit of it gets rubbed off on the little brother and, sometimes, he joins in. They read their books together; with the little one listening carefully as the pages are turned. Sometimes, they build big structures from the pile of blocks, with the junior taking pride in adding just a couple of those towards the end. Their favourite bit is the bath time, where they shriek happily as they splash water on each other. 

So, basically it’s all mixed up. And I guess, that is what makes the duo so memorable. They fight, and then unite. At the end of the day, they are both on the same side. So here is another poetic scribbling celebrating their brotherly bond, as I like to see it.

B for Brothers – Semi circles on the same side

The two of you are together, in play or in a fight
Holding hands when you walk, holding still when sleeping at night
Hugging when you meet again, a cuddle when you say good-bye
A ‘huggle’ still to end it all –the pulling of hair or scratching an eye
The “baby” waddles behind; like a shadow in daylight
You stop and look out for him, catching his hand when no one tries
He is a “chap” kind of guy, a little “kind”, a lot “funny”
You watch your cartoons together, ‘Swashbucklers’ and ‘Bing’ bunny
Merry dancing on the coffee table, to your favourite pirate tune
‘Eyepatch’, ‘Pirate’s hat’ & ‘Ahrrr’, Oh! The buccaneers are over the moon
Puzzles, toys, tricks and games – getting them wrong, sometimes right
You are ‘B for Brothers’, semi circles on the same side.

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