Paper Giraffe Craft

The tallest one is part of my tot's craft family. We are calling it Sophie La Girafe. This name comes from a famous French teething toy which apparently almost every child in America owns. It's a nice and soft rubber teething toy to soothe baby's sore gums.

Inspired by: Krokotak Giraffe Craft

So, we decided to craft a Sophie on our own and we took her out for a stroll as well.

Here is my tot with her Sophie.


Yellow paper
Brown paper
Black pen


1. Make a cone from yellow paper (~8 inch tall). Trim the bottom such that the cone can stand on a flat surface.

2. Tear the brown paper in small roughly rectangular pieces of different sizes.

3. Draw the face of the giraffe on yellow paper with black pen and cut it out carefully as shown in the picture. (~1.5 inches)

4. Glue the brown pieces on the cone forming the Giraffe's coat patterns.

5. Finally, glue the face cutout on the pointed end of the cone.

Your kid's long-necked friend is ready. Happy Crafting!

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