Solar Eclipse Craft

What an exciting day it was in the United States today! A total solar eclipse was visible in a band of land across the entire contiguous United States from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts.

This one has been called the "Great American Eclipse". Thanks to NASA for the live streaming of this iconic event, I could watch it at home with my toddler.

We created this craft later so my little one could also understand what was really going on and what the big deal was all about. It seems she understands now so mission accomplished.

How to make solar eclipse craft with preschool kids?

This is a simple STEM project for preschool and kindergarten kids. Science becomes so much fun and easy when explained through the crafts.

Sometime back, we made this Airplane Craft stem project which is very popular on our blog.

Easy science project for kids

What's a better way to teach kids about an airplane than let them build one? Also, this interactive Calendar Craft was another easy STEAM activity to teach kids about the relationship between date, day and month in a simple, playful manner.

For more stem projects, follow our STEM Crafts & Activities board on Pinterest.

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Paper Plate (1)
Cardstock Paper (Yellow, Black, Blue, Green)
Popsicle Stick (2)
Wiggle Eyes (4)
Paper Cutter
Black & Golden Marker Pen
Tape (optional)


1. Cut out the shape of sun, moon, earth and US map outline.

2. Glue wiggle eyes on the sun & moon cutouts. And make nose and mouth with a black pen.

3. Glue US map on the earth cutout.

4. Make an arc cut in the paper plate as shown below.

5. Tape or glue a popsicle stick to the black of moon cutout.

6. Glue earth and sun on the paper plate.

7. Insert the popsicle stick attached to the moon in the cut made on a paper plate. Make sure that you are able to move the stick comfortably from the back.

And the solar eclipse craft is ready. Happy Crafting!

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