Shapes Rainbow Suncatcher

Colors and shapes are some of the first concepts we introduce to toddlers. Did you know color and shape sorting are essential early math skills?

Sorting activities help kids understand when things are alike and different building the foundation for pattern recognition. Here is a simple idea to make a rainbow suncatcher where kids get to sort the colors and shapes.


How to make rainbow suncatcher with contact paper and tissue paper?

It is an easy spring activity for toddlers and preschoolers. You can also make this rainbow craft for St. Patrick's Day.

You might notice, we used regular paper for this activity but tissue paper would be better for a suncatcher since they're translucent. Hope you enjoy this rainbow activity for preschoolers.

You can see my 4 yo working on her rainbow suncatcher in the video tutorial.

Easy suncatcher craft for kids

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Tissue Papers (Rainbow colors)
Contact Paper
Black Marker

1. Cut out the different shaped pieces of tissue paper. Choose one shape for one color of the rainbow. Mix them together for kids to sort the color and shapes.

2. Cut out contact paper (any rectangular size) and place it on the table with sticking side up. Hold it in place using masking tape.

3. Using a black marker, Draw seven curve lines making the rainbow on the contact paper.

4. Let the child sort the colors and shapes while making the rainbow.

5. Once all the curved lines are covered with different shape/color paper pieces, carefully remove the masking tape.

6. Stick it on a glass window to catch the light from a nearby source.

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Hope you enjoy browsing through these craft ideas and find the next project for your classroom or do it at home.

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