Heart Paper Flower Craft

As a parent of a kindergarten, preschool or daycare child, you often have opportunities to express your gratitude to their teachers for their love and care in the school.

This could be more formal in the form of teacher appreciation days or casual when you feel like it. Teachers work very hard to take care of our children and they deserve our unreserved appreciation.

Easy paper flower preschool crafts

Last week was bring a flower day at our daughter's preschool, this mother-daughter duo decided to make this very lovely heart flower paper craft. We loved how easy and elegant these ended-up looking.

They were easy and quick to make and after the paper cutting something our daughter could put together on her own. She quite enjoyed putting the paper hearts and pipe cleaners together for the beautiful look. Our daughter took these to school in the morning and gave a flower to each of her teachers with a thank you hug!

Try these out and see your child's teacher feel appreciated.


Paper craft flowers for toddlers and preschoolers

This lovely flower craft also makes for an easy Mother's day craft idea or a spring theme craft project. Moms would love getting a bouquet of their kid-made colorful heart flowers.

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Construction Paper
Pipe Cleaners


Step 1: Trace and cut out heart shapes from construction paper. You can use also use a large heart shape punch if you're making these paper flowers in a classroom.

Cut out heart shapes to make paper heart flowers.

Step 2: Cut out leaves from green construction paper.

Cut out leaves to add to paper flower craft

Step 3: Hold three heart together as shown in the picture below.

Heart shapes petals of flower craft for kids

Step 4: Insert a pipe cleaner through it and circle the top part making the flower pistil.

Tip: So, I poked a small hold in the heart using a needle to make it easy for my daughter to pass the pipe cleaner through the paper. You may want to do that for young kids.

Using pipecleaner to make the stem of flower craft.

Step 5: Insert a small bead from the other end of the pipe cleaner to hold flower petals in place.

kids can use a bead in this craft to hold the flower petals.

Step 6: Glue the paper leaf on the pipe cleaner.

Add paper leaves to the your flowers.

And your lovely flower is ready!!

Flower Paper Craft Idea

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